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Vista Upgrade on a new SATA drive

pixelated evil

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Hi everyone! I'm very sorry if this is an old topic, or if there's a thread already addressing this problem, or if I'm going to sound like a complete id***, but all of my computer problems have driven me to the breaking point, so I'm desperate. /disclaimer

OK, so I just upgraded all of my hardware not long ago, and thought I'd upgrade to Vista also. I bought the Vista Home Premium (x86) Upgrade edition (which was probably my error to begin with...).

My problem is that my old OS (XP Professional) runs from my C: on my old IDE drive. I now have a SATA drive that I've partitioned, and I want Vista to run off of the new partition on the SATA drive. But, the Vista Upgrade edition won't let me do a clean install, I have to upgrade from the previous version, so my OS remains stuck to the old C:.

Also, I tried to install XP onto the F: (the partition on the SATA), and then upgrade from there, but I can't get my computer to boot up from the SATA drive, and when I tried removing the IDE drive entirely so I could try booting from the SATA, I got a "NTLDR is missing" error message and couldn't boot at all.

I was going to try this: http://www.msfn.org/board/Slipstreaming_Se...ers_t34440.html , create a new XP boot disk and then re-install on the SATA drive, but it looks like maybe this would be setting my SATA to RAID mode? Which I don't think I want to do?

Am I doing something completely wrong? Is there an easier way to go about all of this??

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