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DVD multiboot larger than 4Go : a solution ...

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I had a problem with my DVD multiboot when it exceeds 4.xx Go (I don't remember exactly the xx) : WinPE and Windows XP Pro SP2 fail to start : ntoskrnl.exe or setupdd.sys could not be loaded ...

Now, this disk becomes large in size :


Amiga Forever

WinPE 2005

VistaPE beta 009

MSDOS 6.22 installation

Windows 3.11 installation

Windows 95 installation

Windows 98 SE installation

Windows ME installation

Windows 2000 Pro installation

Windows XP Pro installation

Windows 2003 installation

Acronis suite

Paragon NTFS Linux Rescue

and some other small tools ...

All of them work fine.

The last added tool was Knoppix DVD version. WinPE did not boot correctly. If I delete Knoppix DVD from the DVD multiboot, WinPE works.

I have read somewhere that if you enclose a file in a deep directory (large number of subdirectories), this file is written far in the ISO file (then it is burned towards the end of the CD/DVD disk).

I decided to place the file system KNOPPIX in the directory path \KNOPPIX\FS\K\K, deeper than \Windows\system32\drivers.

Therefore, I assume that the ntoskrnl.exe and setupdd.sys files are burned under the 4Go limit on the disk.

Result : WinPE loads normally without error. The same for the other tools.

Hope this help someone.

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