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This Hotfix Should Be Reinstalled Errors ...


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Hi all.

I'm having a really weird problem installing Hotfixes via SVCPACK during a Windows XP SP2 Install. After having nlited this particular install (And after adding all relevent Hotfixes to SVCPACK and creating a new SVCPACK.inf file), I tested it out in VMware and the install went smoothly. I then installed and ran QFECHECK as I always do and it came back with a "This hotfix should be reinstalled" error on Thirteen of the Hotfixes.

I retested the installation after making one adjustment, I installed with SFC disabled and ran QFECHECK again with the same results as before. This time I ran QFECHECK in verbose mode and got a list of the files that seemed to be failing. They all seem to be located in the DLL cache, So I compared the DLL version numbers from those in the Source to those in System32 to those in the DLL cache. The results were as follows:

The DLLs located in the system32 Directory were of a higher version number (And thus assume are the updated versions) than the DLLs found in both the DLL cache and the Source disk. In addition, the version numbers for those DLLs found in both the DLL cache and the source were identical.

I've been googling for the past 2 days and it is my understanding that sometimes a Hotfix will not update the security catalouge which in turn does not update the DLL cache - QFECHECK checks a DLL to the version stored in the DLL cache and if their is a mismatch - It throws an error. I could be completley wrong but I haven't been able to find alot that deals with this. On a whim I deleted the contents of the DLL cache (Since SFC is now tuned off) and then ran QFECHECK once again - It came back with not a single error. Also, The error related Hotfixes are listed as installed in Add/Remove Programs. Unfortunately as of now I am unable to connect to the Net from VMware (Still working on as to why) so I can't check with Windows Update to see if these updates are listed as hotfixes that need to be installed.

Is it safe to assume that the Hotfixes are actually running on my system? Running a system without SFC is ok right now (Since I always have SFC disabled) but what will happen if I need to keep it enabled (On a clients machine)? Will SFC wipe away the updated DLL and replace it with older ones in it's cache? Has anyone else ever had the same problem? Questions Questions I know I know. Can anyone shed some light on this matter? Thank you in advance and sorry for such a long post.

Here is a copy of the QFECHECK log.


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