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Windows 2k3 unattended VMWare ESX 2.x server


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First of all, here's my first post official post on this forum... whoohoo...

For the past 2 hours i've been struggling with a unattended win2k3 installation on a VMWare ESX 2.x server

When I ran the unattended installation i got a 0x7b blue screen.

So for all you people who are having the same problem, here is my solution:

1. Copy vmscsi.sys (from the vmware tools iso) to your i386 (source) directory

2. Edit the i386\TXTSETUP.SIF to contain:


vmscsi.sys = 1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4


PCI\VEN_104B&DEV_1040 = "VMscsi"


VMscsi = vmscsi.sys,4


VMscsi = "VMware SCSI Controller"

3. Edit i386\DOSNET.INF to contain:





This should solve the problem of the Text-based portion of setup not being able to see your hard drive.

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