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USB Drive Disable/Enable


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Hi There,

Myself Abhijit and need some input from your side about DEVCON. I hope you will help me in this regard.

I am working on module in which USB drive needs to be ENABLED or DIABLED through command line argument ON or OFF.

Initially I achieved it by changing registry values for USBSTOR and imagepath location. But as REBOOTING of system is required, I used devcon.exe to enable or disable USB drive. I used command

Devcon disable USBSTOR\DISK* to Disable USB and devcon enable USBSTOR\DISK* to enable USB. Devcon.exe was placed in my code folder.

Now problem is I want to remove devcon dependency and use devcon's code in my application for enabling or disabling USB drive.

I am not getting which functions to used for the same and how?

Do you have any idea or sample code in this regard with you so that i can proceed further.

I am getting lot of compilations errors when I include devcon.h and use functions from devcon.cpp like enumeratedevices and so on.

Can you please help me in this regard as this is very urgent for me? I do not have any prior knowledge about devcon.

Hoping a positive reply from your side.

Best Regards,

Abhijit Kulkarni,

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