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Rename 2003 ENT x64 Server: Before Exchange Install


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We use an unattended build for our Exchange servers.

We only install the base OS and a few utils, then the Exchange team installs Exchange.

One of the components we install during the build is IIS.

The issue, we would like to have a hot standby server sitting there ready to replace a failed Exchange server,

rename the hot standby, and pass the server over to the Exchange team.

IIS is one component that does not handle the rename very well.

IIS holds onto the old server name and server is no good to Exchange team.

Is there a util or way to properly rename the server so that IIS uses the new name?

Thanks in advance.

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Each Exchange server is part of a 2 node cluster, but if we need to rebuild a server in a cluster, instead of building it from scratch, I want to have a hot-standby, rename it, pass it over to the Exchange team to save time.

That link you sent doesnt really solve the issue of IIS reflecting the new server name after renaming

the server.


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