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XP activation

Potter John

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My Mesh laptop running XP Pro has gone belly-up. I have a new computer coming but it will be pre installed with Vista Home Premium.

Some of the software which I simply MUST HAVE will not install/run on Vista.

I have the Installation Disk (not a recovery disk) which came with my Mesh laptop and the Product Key which is on the bottom of the laptop which states that is an OEM product.

My question is, can I legally install XP pro from this disk on my new computer and activate it, either as a replacement for the pre-installed Vista or as a dual boot?

I ask because I have a feeling that somewhere or other I've read that OEM products can only be installed on the system it was supplied with.

Thanks in advance


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You cannot use the key from your Mesh laptop as like you say, it is OEM.

However, there is something, somewhere, that gives you downgrade rights. Long story short, you can exchange your Vista key for an XP key. I'm not sure exactly how you'd go about this, so maybe someone else knows.

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