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  1. ok i got my bootscreens to install :) now when i reboot am getting to options to pick windows xp or windows xp pro. now with the cmd files it put's it all in the right place ok?? does it job but how do i make it so it will remove the default windows xp boot option all together so it will only boot my boot screen nothing eles???

    plus is there any other way to make it install with out acutaly making a CMD file so that once the GUI install is done the bootscreen is there?? i have seen this in a windows xp service pack 3 build 2 installation i d/led from the net ?

    any help would be great thanks

    posted below is the text from the bootscree.cmd file

    FOR /F "tokens=3 delims= " %%A IN (\'REG QUERY "HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Environment" /v NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS\') DO SET NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=%%A

    bootcfg /copy /D "Windows XP Professional" /ID 1


    REM ----For Single proc

    bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=singkrnl.exe" /A /ID 2

    goto End


    REM ----For Multiprocess/Hyperthread proc

    bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=dualkrnl.exe" /A /ID 2


    bootcfg /Timeout 1

    bootcfg /Default /ID 2

  2. I have created my boot screen did the bootscreen.cmd added it to the sif file but for some reason when i install windows it wont added it

    i changed the names of the exe for the single processor and dual processor but it just wont install it

    i followed the pdf tutorial down to a T i even got the test bootscreen workin on my own pc

    any help please

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