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  1. A year ago i asked for this subject...

    HFSLIP can´t work together with the DriverPack for Bâshrat the Sneaky???

    How can i integrate drivers with HFSLIP?? I read some post but i need to edit inf files, etc and it´s very hard to understand to me. For that reason i am asking for the integration of drivers (like masstorage) in a easy way...

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hello everyone.

    I've just come across this and one other topic about automatically downloading latest updates from MS.

    I don't know if you're interested but I've written a tool that actually does that silently. It's actually a script. You just have to edit it at the top to specify where the downloaded hotfixes are to be put and maybe few other things (ie. if you use proxy etc). The script then downloads the list of updates from the topic on this forum (YOUR ONE STOP POST FOR WINDOWS CRITICAL UPDATES) and parses it using some regexp hacks (with sed and grep) and then downloads each hotfix from MS. It is quite mature, I use it myself to refresh my repository once in a while in my company.

    I think it could fit your needs if I understood them correctly.

    Anyway, let me know, if you're interested and I'll post it here. Everything the script uses is included (wget, grep, sed).

    I´m interested Too.. please post it!

    Thanks in advance!


  3. please check on this link:


    though it doesn't say much ... :(

    i think it is still in the works ... ;)

    i'm actually looking forward to this too ...

    Excelent... i want the inclusion of Bâshrat the Sneaky Drivers PACK in HFSLIP!!!

    Thanks for the post KIKI!

    I will wait for the official response of tommyp and Tomcat76 for calling the Sneaky´s DriverPack from HFSLIP.

    Is in Development for a new release of HFSLIP???



  4. I was reading the post about drivers... and maybe a missed the post that matters because i have a little question.

    How can i Integrate drivers with HFSLIP? There is no a guide or tutorial to do that? I found Oleg post that says that i have to edit every .inf file, etc. Is that the way of doing it?

    I want to integrate the drivers of Bâshrat the Sneakys. How can i do that?

    Sorry for my english... im from the future World soccer champions! country (no, no Brazil! Argentina!! jejeje).

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Well... i Finished my XP SP2 CD with all the Updates Critical and non-critical working!

    My problem was that i failed to sliptream the Language Pack for .NET 2.0. It´s seems that the Language Pack needs a registry patch or something like that because i failed to install in T-13.

    The final solutions was:

    1) In the HFSVCPACK folder I copy 00dNET11.exe and 00dNET20.exe (Aserone´s Silent installers for .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0). And my silent installer for the Language Pack for .NET 1.1.

    2) In the Fix folder i modify my winnt.sif file adding:


    3) In the HFEXPERT folder i create the WIN folder. Then a subfolder called SYSTEM32 and copy:

    5LanPack.exe (My silent installer for Language Pack .NET 2.0)

    LangPack.cmd (My command file with the instructions to install the Language Pack)

    CMDOW.EXE (A utility to hide cmd windows)

    The code in LangPack.cmd is:

    start /wait %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\5LanPack.exe
    del %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\5LanPack.exe
    del %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\LangPack.cmd

    4) And that all... it´s a little complicated. But is the only solution that i found.

    RESULT: All installed OK!.

    Thanks to all!!

    Special Thanks to Tomcat for all the help..... and i will wait his MC2 Script for the future!!

  6. A stupid Question...

    I ran HFSLIP and finished then i Have a ISO File. (And a Folder called SOURCESS)

    Well.. if i change for example one Update and i don´t want HFSLIP decompress and compress again the Drivers (Or if i not integrate never a new driver).. ... wich switch may i choose??? A B C D E or F???



  7. I saw problems with it too yesterday so I temporarily discontinued MC2. I'll check it out again in a few days.


    Yes.. I can´t do the integration of .NET 2.0 with the language pack... well.. i wait for a new release.


    The best result i have was:

    XP + SP2..................................................................................OK Installed fine!

    + All the Updates.......................................................................OK Installed fine!

    + Aserones .NEt 1.1 ..................................................................OK Installed fine!

    + Language Pack for .NET 1.1 Silent Installer (Ceated by me).......OK Installed fine!

    + Aserones .NET 2.0 Silent Installer............................................OK Installed fine!

    + Language Pack for .NET 2.0 Silent Installer (Creater by me).......BAD! Not installed with HFSLIP. Works if i install manually. Perhaps need a patch or reg file like the .NET 2.0 to be installed in T-13.

    The test of Tomcat´s MC and MC2 didn´t result much better... always failed to integrate the RyanMV .NET 2.0 silent installer with the Language Pack (Integration of original .NET 2.0 and original language pack from microsoft failed too). Anyone knows how to integrate the Language Pack to the Aserones .NET 2.0 silent installers? Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    And very thank to Tomcat for all the work and the time thats spend trying to resolve my problem!! Sorry for my English! I´m From Argentina (Future WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER!!)


  8. Tomcat:

    Yes... i´m understand. But i need to tell you that MC is not working to output the .NET 2.0. I try not to merge the files, and i only have an output for DNF11.exe. So.. i think that your script has an error.

    I tried using all the originals file from microsoft, using the RyanMV silent installers, and using my silents installer. In the three tests i heve no output file for .NET 2.0. So the error maybe in there.

    Thanks for all your helps! I continue with the testing an if I resolve the issue i will post the correct way to do the integration.


  9. If your silent installer is present in SOURCESS\I386\SVCPACK and if it is referenced from SOURCESS\I386\SVCPACK.INF, then the problem doesn't lie with HFSLIP. HFSLIP only does a copy & paste... ie, it assumes that people include silent installers that work at T-13. No special treatment is given to them.

    It is possible, though, that the .NET 2.0 language pack suffers from the same unattended installation problem (at T-13) as .NET 2.0 itself. In that case, the MC2 script is the only way right now to make it work for you. I'm doing my best here...

    Hi tomcat! Me again... yes i know... i´m a pain in the a** with my problem!! :(

    My previous test: I only have the Language Pack for .NET 2.0 Missing. Now my last test:

    For some reason... i have problems with your script ( the output works fine and i get no errors but is not working) Perhaps i don´t copy the rights files to the MC folder.

    The files that i have in the MC folder are:

    dotnet11sp1.exe <--- RyanMV Silent Installer for .NET 1.1

    dotnet2.exe <--- RyanMV Silent Installer for .NET 2.0

    langpack.exe <--- Original Microsoft Language Pack for .NET 1.1

    langpack2.exe <--- Original Microsoft Language Pack for .NET 2.0

    My question is if i need to copy:

    the silent installers of ryan?

    Or i need to copy the originals updates for .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0?

    Or if need to copy my silent installers for the language pack and not the originals windowsupdate files?.<-- (Edited: Already try to ran MC with my silent installers of the language packs and is not working at all. Same problem: .NET 2.0 and Language Pack for 1.1 are missing)

    Or i need to copy the Aserones installers???

    Because in my new installation test i have Langpack for .NET 1.1 and Microsoft Framework .NET 2.0 ready for download and install in windowsupdate. RESULT: Only .NET 1.1 have installed ok.

    I am tired of installing Windows XP... i installed 12 times in the past 2 or 3 days. But well... i love HSFLIP and i want it running fine!! :)

    You said that maybe the Language Pack for .NET 2.0 suffers from the same unattended installation problem (at T-13) as .NET 2.0 itself. How can i make a silent installer like Aserone´s did that works with my Language Pack?? Any idea?

    Thanks in advance! Thanks a lot for your help man! Realy.

  10. That was when HFSLIP supported dotnet2.exe in the HF folder. It would be installed from HFSLIP.CMD then. But it's no longer supported so the lines you are looking for are no longer in HFSLIP.CMD.

    Any executable you put in HFSVCPACK ends up referenced from in SVCPACK.INF.

    And now???

    How can i install the Language Pack for .NET 2.0???

    I maid a silent installer for LangPack.exe (that works fine if i run manually) and copy to the HFSVCPACK folder. But is not integrated or installed with HFSLIP.

    How can i do to Run that Silent Installer??

    i can´t believe that i´m the only person that use´s HFSLIP and had troubles with the Language Pack!

    anyone? nobody installs .NET 2.0 in others languages? Any german guy with the same problem?


    Sorry Tomcat... i read again your post and now i See the reference to your script updated... i will try that again.


  11. Tomcat:

    I think that the problem for installing the Language Pack for .NET 2.0 is that i need to edit the HFSLIP.CMD file in the SOURCESS\I386\SVCPACK folder. (Super-Magician told me in a previous post about this).

    But if i not read bad... the cmd execute all the .exe updates... including the 6LanPack.exe file.

    In wich part i need to make the modification?? Can you explain me?

    Title HFSLIP
    FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\I386\SVCPACK SET HFSLIP=%%i:\I386
    msiexec /i %HFSLIP%\SVCPACK\UPHCLEAN.MSI /qn /norestart
    FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR /B %SYSTEMROOT%\*.TMP') DO (
    SET PREP=%~dp0
    CD /D %HFSLIP%

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Tomcat!!! THANKSS!!! I almost there!!!!

    I download Aserone´s .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 installers... they works fine in HFSVCPACK folder!!

    I also copy my two silent installers for the Language Packs in HFSVCPACK:

    1LanPack.exe (my silent Installer for .NET 1.1 Language Pack).

    2LanPack.exe (my silent Installer for .NET 2.0 Language Pack).

    The Language Pack for .NET 1.1 Works FINE!!!

    The Language Pack for .NET 2.0 Not install at all... so i will try to install manually and if is not working i will rebuild it.

    Thanks for now... for all your help!!!

    Very Thanks!


  13. If that fails, the best option you got is this:

    DNF11.EXE (from MC2)

    DNF20a.EXE (Aserone's silent .NET 2.0 installer)

    DNF20b.EXE (your silent .NET 2.0 language pack installer)

    If this doesn't work, I don't know what your problem is. MC2 *attempts* to do what the Aserone installer does, with the only difference that the Aserone installer relies on REG.EXE while the file made with MC2 accesses the registry through a normal INF file.

    The creation of the DNF20.exe fails. MC2 is not creating anything for the .NET 2.0. In the "Out" folder i only have the DN11F.EXE file. Maybe the dotnet2.exe file is corrupted... i will download again...

    Where i can find Aserone´s Silent .NET 2.0 Installer???


  14. No, it just means the script fails to merge the two programs together properly. Try MC2 (v060616b) but DON'T merge the installers. What happens if you install DNF11.EXE and DNF20.EXE by hand? Does it work like that?

    OK... i will try to manually execute the two files (no merged)... but give me an hour bacause i need to reintall XP and test manually DNF11 and DNF20... then test with HFSLIP... and then re-post...



  15. The latest test releases no longer support dotnet2.exe in HF. That functionality was removed because of several reasons.

    You should try to make it all work from HFSVCPACK.

    We seem to be getting closer. It appears that you no longer get an error message when trying to install one of the output files. That's good. Now we need to figure out why .NET 2.0 doesn't install.

    Please download the latest version of MC2 (060616b); it allows you to merge .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 into one installer (that's six files in one) and you save about 5.2MB.

    I explain step by step the things that i did:

    1) I downloaded and decompressed the MultiScript (MC2 version 060616b) and then copy the .NET updates to that folder:

     MC2.bat <--- File from MC2

    7za.exe <--- File from MC2

    7zS.sfx <--- File from MC2

    cmdow.exe <--- File from MC2

    dotnet11sp1.exe <--- .NET 1.1 + SP1 + KB downloaded from RyanMV website.

    dotnet2.exe <--- .NET 2.0 Downloaded from RyanMV website.

    langpack.exe <--- Language Pack for .NET 1.1 (Original file downloaded from microsoft)

    langpack2.exe <--- Language Pack for .NET 2.0 (Original file downloaded from microsoft)

    StartX.exe<--- File from MC2

    2) I ran MC2.BAT and the output file was: DNF.EXE [24,2 MB (25.439.032 bytes)]. I merge the .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 installers. There was no errors with the execution of MC2.

    3) I copy the DNF.EXE file to the HFSVCPACK folder in HFSLIP. I executed HSFLIP (Version 60616b) and then i installed the .iso file. RESULT: Windows XP CD works without any error but .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 are not installed at all. The updates are in WindowsUpdate ready to download and install...

    4) I try to execute the DNF.EXE file in the Windows XP installation manually and decompress fine and begins to install .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0. Then it seems thats is uninstalling and then the installer finish...

    RESULT: NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 are not installed at all. The DNF.EXE File IS NOT WORKING!!!! When i reset my XP (Virtual machine) the system show this error: The system is not totally installed or something like that.

    If i look into DNF.EXE i have this files and folders (is not a problem of language??):



    Program Files\ <-- In my Language this folder is named "Archivos de Programa"

    -------Common Files\ <--- In my Language this folder is named "Archivos Comunes"









    Maybe i am doing something wrong with the MC2 Script??? Or maybe isn´t working and fails to integrate the Spanish Language? Or the registry fix is not for spanish? Maybe is a problem with my XP working machine?

    I upload to my FTP the files:

    LangPack.exe (.NET 1.1 LangPack for Spanish Version).

    LangPack2.exe (.NET 2.0 LangPack for Spanish Version).

    DNF.EXE <-- The result of merge .NET 1.1 + LangPack.exe and .NET 2.0 + Langpack2.exe

    Maybe if you ran the MC2 script in your machine with the silent installers of RyanMV (dotnet11sp1.exe and dotnet2.exe) and my LangPack´s you can check if your script is working fine with my language.

    Or maybe i can use another silent installer pack (for other person?) and install the LangPack.exe and LangPack2.exe in HFSVCPACK folder???

    I accept any sugestion Tomcat...

    And Very Thanks for the help!


  16. Did you remember to use latest test release (060616a)? Works for me with both files in HFSVCPACK directory.

    I try the test release HFSLIP_60616a.CMD with DNF11.exe and DNF20.exe in the HFSVCPACK folder and it´s not working. The .NET 2.0 are not installed at all. It Seems that i have a problem applying the .NET 2.0 into my machine.... maybe a language problem (because i use XP in Spanish) with the registry patch???

    I am trying the Tomcat´s MC2 script and making a "all in one" net 1.1 + net 2.0. I post the result in a few minutes...



  17. My last two test:


    With Tomcat MultiScript and .NET 1.1 Ryanmv silent installer + .NET 2.0 Ryanmv silent installer i get two files:

    DNF11.exe (I put in HFSVCPACK folder.)

    DNF20.exe (I put in HF folder renamed to dotnet2.exe)

    RESULT: Windows Xp CD install without errors. .NET 2.0 is missing.


    With Tomcat MultiScript and .NET 1.1 Ryanmv silent installer + .NET 2.0 Ryanmv silent installer i get two files:

    DNF11.exe (in HFSVCPACK folder.)

    DNF20.exe (in HFSVCPACK folder.)

    RESULT: Windows Xp CD install without errors. .NET 2.0 is missing.

    Everything i try i get the same error... i can´t get .NET 2.0 installed in my machine if I put the .NET 1.1 installer. The two versions of .NET are 100% compatible??



  18. Anyway... I'm making a newer version of the MultiCompiler script. It already supports .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 (including updates, language packs and reg hacks). I suggest you try it because the .NET 1.1 section has been thoroughly revised. You can rename the output files to whatever you want and place them in the HFSVCPACK folder (then run HFSLIP).


    I copy your script to C:\MC and put this files inside the working folder:

    dotnet11sp1.exe --> Ryanmv .NET 1.1 silent installer + sp1 + Kb

    dotnet2.exe ---> Ryanmv .NET 2.0 silent installer

    langpack.exe ---> Language pack for .NET 1.1

    langpack2.exe ---> Language pack for .NET 2.0

    Output files:

    DNF11.EXE = 11,3 MB (11.934.361 bytes)

    DNF20.EXE = 18,0 MB (18.913.897 bytes)

    I make the .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 installers with the language packs included using your script and the silent installers of RYANMV... Then I copy the output files (DNF11.exe and DNF20.exe) to the HFSVCPACK folder like you told me to do.

    RESULT: XP CD Install wihout errors but the .NET 2.0 is missing. Windowsupdate is telling me that i need to download and install .NET 2.0!! What I am doing wrong??? I can´t understand the problem at all!!

    Are you sure that i must copy the DNF20.EXE file to the HFSVCPACK folder??? Or i need to rename to dotnet2.exe and copy to the HF folder like Super-Magician told me???

    Thanks in advance.

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