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  1. My li'l .info website..has just been renovated..and is open for all.

    I've decided to use it as an advertisement bulletin..

    with advetisements of all sorts relating to India,from India,for India.

    This helps small scale businesses to advertise..and also helps

    Indians find that specific that much easier.

    In google, its really difficult to find Indian..stuff easily

    my website


  2. Dear people..

    Recently my keyboard stopped working.

    I then inspected the membrane circuit

    and saw that it was corroded here

    and there..

    When I tried to remove the

    corrosion, the circuit got removed

    along with the corrosion:-?

    I desperately want to

    repair this..

    Please don't advice me to buy

    a new computer:(

    as I am a bit sentimental abt.

    this keyboard..

    I am currently using one useless

    idiotic keyboard from my

    house's trash..

    Is there some way I can get it working??

    How do I restore the circuit..is there

    some material to do that??:confused:

  3. hmm..

    itsl ike this

    I shud be able to dial the modem

    from any of the computers..There

    shud be no server or anything,,

    both must have access to the modem..

    t dial in...

    when the other system starts up,

    it shud automatically connect to the


    One of them is wireless(LapTop)

    The other is LAN card connected...

  4. Dear all,

    Recently my mom bought a laptop for herself.

    I have a PC in my room.

    I connect to the internet through a ADSL modem(HUAWEI)

    that also has a wireless , USB interface along with the normal

    Ethernet one.

    I have a 8-port HUB..

    Now my question is..

    Is it possible in some way that the modem

    dials by itself, and each time either my

    PC or my mom's Laptop's wireless is switched on,

    the systems automatically get connected to the


    pretty complex question I guess...

    Please try to reply..

    Thanks a ton...

    p.s::Sorry if this is not the appropriate sub-forum

  5. Hello Guys,

    Planning to set-up a Cyber Cafe .

    I need help from all you Indians out there( also if possible from others too)

    I want suggestions for the cheapest possible configuration..

    without sacrificing performance to a very large extent.

    Budget ..sumthing like 8-9k per Computer.

    I said Indians because I can understand INR better than $.

    My config::







  6. Hello guys..

    this is really urgent... :(

    I need the drivers for the Kobian mainboard

    KOB 810 DSMT...

    I have the chipset, video drivers..

    Can't find the audio drivers..for the board. :no:

    Also I am not able to make out

    what company modem (in-built) I have ... :huh:

    So any help( maybe drivers too) would really help.

    Thanks a lot guys...


  7. Hello people,

    I am planning to setup a cyber cafe in my area.

    I'm not a thorough expert, so I need some Info.

    This is my first question.

    I'll be asking more in the coming weeks.

    Please bear me!!

    I'd like to know

    If I cud make several users work on the same computer,

    but with individual monitors and Kbs??

    I mean same CPU..same HDD, same all..

    but multiple connections to monitors and kbds...

    each with his/her own interface!!

    Yaa this mite be a wierd question...but I never got to ask it.

    Please avoid making fun. Post only if u want to.


  8. hi ,

    downloaded the latest drivers for the MOBO...Audio from Intel.com

    still does not work.

    the hardware is not getting installed.

    It does not even ask for installation.

    I dunno wat to do. sitting here without audio.

    when i go to sound properties. it says...no hardware found.

    Media Center has SP1 installed if I am not wrong.

    thanks guys...


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