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  1. @TranceEnergy: I am working on this (customizations), this should arrive in a 2.0 release, most of the changes are (as you have noticed) not really affecting the resultant wmp11 install, these were cosmetic fixes and localization changes, the INFs were not touched or changed from last version.

    @lol69002: I'll post a quick fix for that soon. Stupid mistake from my part (and couldn't test because using english xp with english regional settings)....

    thx for this quikly release, works fine


  2. i heard that dot net 1.1 and 3.0 had sum problems together .. does this have problems.. and does it show in the add and remove programs.. and how can we make sure that all three are intergrated.. sorry for these questions but was curious

    Try on windows update.....no update....

    Try Add and remove programs....all of addons can be uninstalled....

    And you look it works fine!

  3. Sounds great!

    I 'd like to try it out, but have a few (naive?) questions first:

    -Since .NET 3 installer also includes .NET 2 installer, does your add-on have duplicates of .NET 2 (wasted space)?

    -Can this be integrated w/o problems? AFAIK .NET 2 can only be installed from first login, not earlier e.g. from SVCPACK.INI. Attempting to do this would result in bugs.

    -What does "Remove .NET Framework with Nlite" mean? Are you referring to OS's, other than XP SP2, that contain .NET already?


    - .Net 2 has been removed to the original package of . Net 3 because .Net 2 is slipstream with KB917283 and KB922770.

    - Check option "Net framework" in Nlite, tab "remove components" (just remove netfx.cab in CD xpcd:\cmpnents\netfx\i386\netfx.cab), this package is already present in AddOn and it's slipstreaming.

  4. Windows Media Player v11 French:

    Tested with XP SP2 x86 Pro Corporate and OEM (full integration with Nlite 1.3 beta)

    Source: Boooggy Windows WMP11 Vanilla Addon v1.4.2


    Thanks to boooggy... :angel


    -DONT Remove WMP9 and WMP6.4 with nlite

    -Install the KB898543 if you use Windows XP Starter Edition only. I tried with XP Pro Corporate and OEM, the KB898543 is not in my hotfix list and it works fine.

    Download KB898543:



    Oobe Fix for Windows Media Player 11 of Booogy


    This hotfix is already integrate in RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.14





    un peu de french touch

    [NoBoDy Add-On]

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