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  1. Firstable, I'm happy that XPize is still alive, thanks for not killing the project.

    I tried the latest beta of XPize and I'd like to say that I found the following bugs:

    1.- I uncheck the option to patch batt.dll, batmeter.dll and uxtheme.dll but they got patched automatically. In the case of uxtheme.dll it made impossible to use the luna theme or any other visual style.

    2.- The "Welcome Screen" got patched and I'd like to know what resource controls that because, personally, I don't like the up and down bars.

    As a request I'd like to see the possibility of adding a torrent file icon and a FrostWire file icon.

    Thx and nice work.



  2. Hello!

    I'm so sad to read about XPero's departure from the project, but I think that when you start to feel you are in a routine, it is better to stop and to start again. Best wishes to your work!



  3. Hello!

    Can somebody tell me which file has the IE7 toolbar? I'd like to change the big printer icon. I've already tried with the following files: Browseui, Hmmapi, Ieframe, Ieaksie, Iernonce, Mshtml, Occache, Shdocvw, Shlwapi, Url, Urlmon, Iexplore, Inetcpl but I can not find the value I have to edit. Check the attached image.


    Thx and Cheers

  4. Hello!

    I'd like to tell you that the latest beta version of XPize is detected as a virus by McAfee Virus Scan and it is not possible to install it because is automatically deleted. Can you do something about it?

    Thx and cheers

  5. Hello!

    I don't know if this is the correct place to report XPize 4.7 Beta 2 bugs but I've just downloaded it and I'd like to know if you can fix the Printer Icon at the tools bar because when big icons are used it does not have the same colors when small icons are displayed. Check the images please.


    Thx and keep it up Xpero!


  6. I've just reninstall Windows XP SP2 but I have the following error at events:

    Source: RemoteAccess

    Category: None

    Event ID: 20151

    Date: 7/04/2007

    Time: 22:42:21 PM

    Type: Error

    User: Compaq

    Computer: COMPAQ

    Description: The Control Protocol EAP in the Point to Point Protocol module C:\WINNT\System32\rasppp.dll returned an error while initializing. The network request is not supported.

    What causes this problem and how can I fix it?


  7. :hello: Hello!

    The problem I have is that I am not able to add new Wireless Networks. I click "Add".

    But it does not appear the window below where I have to put the info.

    Help me please, I'm getting crazy. I've already tried using a restored point and the SFC/Scannow command but it didn't change anything and I don't want to reformat because I've just done that.



  8. Congrats for the new version but when big icons are used in IE7 the toolbar look unxpized. I love the one ones you use in the small toolbar version. Can you consider to change them too??



  9. Hello!!

    I'd like to report that the latest beta version has a bug: The padlock that appears when you enter in a https site is ugly. I'd be glad if XPero can fix it before he releases the final version of XPize.



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