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  1. The DomainBlocklist does affect some ActiveX controls by blocking the domains they are loaded from.

    Some web pages may download data from a number of different domains, and although the webpage is displayed, some of the content, like ads or popups, will be blocked by the DomainBlocklist.

    I want the DomainBlocklist to block all those sites, the popup is just a side effect of using the DomainBlocklist with the browser I use, and to a less noticeable extent with IE.

    Have you never had the yellow popup bar in IE, with the same message as the popup above, on any of the sites you use?

    I don't want to remove any sites from the DomainBlocklist, because so far it hasn't blocked any of the sites I use, it's only blocked some of the ads/popups on the sites.

    I was simply sharing a solution with anyone else who might have this issue, and asking if anyone had a better solution.

  2. Yes I understand how the DomainBlocklist works, and it was actually the last thing I uninstalled because I didn't think that it was causing that popup, but it turns out that it was.

    The websites that get that popup have ads that call the activeX controls from other websites, and I guess that those websites/domains with the activeX controls are blocked by the DomainBlocklist.

    In other words the DomainBlocklist doesn't block/disable the actual ActiveX control, but it is blocking the website/domain where the ActiveX control is loaded from, and that is what causes the popup to appear.

    Or it may also be that the DomainBlocklist is blocking the domains that the ActiveX controls try to download their data from.

    To be sure, I re-installed all my anti-activeX and Anti-spyware software/blocklists and only un-installed the DomainBlocklist, and sure enough, the popup stopped appearing on some websites.

    But even after I uninstalled the DomainBlocklist, I tried a few different websites and I was still getting the popup on some other sites, so I disabled SpywareBlaster, and the popup stopped appearing on the other websites.

    So it is both the DomainBlocklist and SpywareBlaster that is causing the popup.

    And like I wrote above the only solution I found so far is the ClickOff program, but if anyone knows of a tweak to disable the popup, please share it.

    It's a minor problem, and all I have to do is click ok to get rid of the popup, but if i'm on a website for a while I get that popup every page I got to on that site, and it becomes annoying.

  3. I use Azureus and have no problems.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I use the Avant browser, it's a tabbed multi-feature IE compatible browser, much better than IE.


    About the time I started using BoardBabe's DomainBlocklist, I started to get this popup on a few websites:


    I disabled all the anti-activeX/ant-spyware software I had installed, and the popup stopped appearing only after I uninstalled the DomainBlocklist, I re-installed only the DomainBlocklist and the popup returned.

    I tried some of those sites with IE6 and instead of this popup, I only got the yellow popup bar at the top, but with the same message.

    When I clicked on the yellow bar, there were no options, the only thing I could do was click the X on the right to close the yellow bar.

    This popup only appears when I use Avant, and I suspect in other IE compatible browsers, I tried the same pages with Firefox and as expected the popup didn't appear.

    I checked microsofts database and they say that there is no way to disable this popup.

    So I searched for a third party solution and found the freeware program ClickOff, that will automatically close any window you want.


    Has anyone else had this minor problem, and is there a tweak that will disable this popup???


  4. I thought I explained it clearly.

    I'm refering to the Spywareguide Blocklist.reg file, and NOT BoardBabes Domain_Blocklist.reg file.

    What I want to know is how do I find the CLSIDs in the spywareguide blocklist.reg file that are blocking the MSN Gaming Zone from loading in IE???

    There are 2 CLSID's that are labeled with MSN Gaming Zone, but enabling those 2 still doesn't let me play the MSN games.

    I have to enable all the ActiveX controls in the blocklist.reg file, by setting the killbit to zeros, to get the MSN to work, because I don't know which are the CLSIDs that correspond to the MSN Gaming website, and I don't know how to find them.

    My understanding is that blocklist.reg doesn't block websites, it blocks ActiveX controls from being installed or loaded.

    For people who don't know what CLSID is, here's an example of an ActiveX control in the blocklist.reg file.

    This is my understanding of how ActiveX controls work, if i'm wrong please correct me.

    That long HEX(alphanumeric) number is the CLSID that identifies a specific ActiveX Control.

    There are over 3618 in the blocklist.reg file, and the "dword:00000400" at the end is the kill-bit that disables the ActiveX control from loading or installing thru IE.

    If you set the kill bit to all zeros, "dword:00000000", this enable the ActiveX control and it is allowed to load or install thru IE.

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{4ac8a69e-d14f-4833-7fe3-065f138ee536}]

    "Compatibility Flags"=dword:00000400

  5. I re-installed windows XP on someones computer, and I installed BoardBabes Domain Blocklist and Spywareguides blocklist.

    This guy is retired and likes to play bridge online thru msn.com.

    You have to login to msn.com to play games, and it downloads and installs MSN Gaming Zone software.

    When I got to the page that downloads the MSN Gaming Zone software, it says that it couldn't install the software.

    I tried all the suggested settings to try and make it work, security, cookies, popups, etc., but nothing worked.

    I read that it might have something to do with the ActiveX settings, so I tried enabling all the ActiveX settings in IE but no luck, I even tried FireFox and got the same error, but I later found out that MSN games don't work with FireFox.

    Finally I thought of re-enabling all the ActiveX controls in Spywareguide's blocklist.

    I loaded the blocklist.reg file into wordpad (notepad is too slow), and replaced all the killbit dword:00000400 with dword:00000000, then I installed the new file UNblocklist.reg, with enable bit(all zeros), and all the ActiveX controls were enabled.

    This worked, now I was able to install the MSN Gaming Zone Software.

    Once it was all installed and everything seemed to work, I re-installed the blocklist.reg file with the killbit (400 HEX), and I got the same error as above, once I installed the new file UNblocklist.reg with the enable bit(all zeros) the games worked again.

    I right clicked on the MSN page and found the CLSID, and tried to enable just that CLSID but the games still didn't work.

    Sooo, I wanted to know how I can find the ActiveX control CLSID's of the MSN Games so I can enable just those and leave all the other blocklist.reg ActiveX controls disabled.

    Or should I leave all the blocklist.reg ActiveX controls enabled and only use Boardbabes Domain Blocklist???

    Which is how it is currently setup.

    This is the error I got.



  6. If anyone is interested, I emailed spywareguide last week asking about the blocklist, I got a reply this morning.

    XBlock Customer Support <support@xblock.com> to me

    More options 4:28 am (13 hours ago)


    SpywareGuide.com is no more providing the Blocklist file through our website. However, users who have purchased the Blocklist license can download the same from member’s area of XBlock websites.

    You may post the Blocklist that you have, as SpywareGuide.com was distributing it as a freeware. However, please note that we do not support it and there will not be any further updates available for the blocklist.

    So, we do not recommend providing the file through a third-party website.

    Best Regards,

    SpywareGuide.com Support Team



  7. I'll take your word for it, since I can't see any popups. :)

    I tried IE-SPYAD2 a few months ago, but it blocked a few of the websites I use, so I un-installed it, but then I had to re-install the spywareguide blocklist.reg file, and re-enable spywareblaster and spybot.

    But included in with the IE-SPYAD2, in the adult folder, is a smaller blocklist named "adult.reg", which I install on my PC's, and it doesn't block any of the sites I use.

    IE-SPYAD installs the blocklist in the HKCU part of the Registry registry and IE-SPYAD2 installs the blocklist in the HKLM part of the registry.

    So download the IE-SPYAD2 file, so all users are protected, and even if there is only one user.


    The spywareguide blocklist.reg and BoardBabe's DomainBlocklist.reg are both installed in the HKLM, so you can't see the list in Internet Options, you can only see the list that's installed in the HKCU.

    Listed in the site above is a link to a small free util named ZonedOut that allows you to view and edit/add/remove the blocklist in both the HKCU and HKLM.

    Here's a direct link to the website, download link is at the bottom of their page.


  8. Yeah, the blocklist does work with Avant. :)

    Also, the windows updates from microsoft's website can be done with Avant. B)

    I tried the IE7 Beta, but it was still a bit buggy.

    Even after I uninstalled IE7 Beta the changes it had made to the security settings were still there and I couldn't change the security settings to what they were before.

    It also affected Avant, because Avant uses the same security settings as IE, so a number of sites I frequented were permanently blocked, but I was able to access those sites with Firefox.

    After wasting a few hours, I gave up and backed up my data to my second HD and restored my windows installation, from the DVD backup.

    I use Norton Ghost to create an image of drive C: windows installation.

    So when I have to "re-install" windows, it only takes about 30 minutes with the Norton Ghost backup DVD.

    After the restoration was done, and I did all the windows, antivirus, antispyware and program updates, took about an hour, I created a new Norton Ghost backup on one DVD,which I will use the next time I have to "re-install" windows XP.

  9. Ok thanks for the replies, after skimming thru the 7 pages of posts I found my answer, this blocklist doesn't work with firefox.

    I never use IE, and only use firefox occasionally.

    For the past year my main browser is Avant, it's IE compatible and shares favorites, security and other features with IE, but it also has built in blocking for ads, popups, flash, java, activeX, etc... :w00t:

    It's a tabbed browser, and can be set up to open every link in a new tab.

    It has many more useful features.

    The installation is non-intrusive, so if you install it and then un-install it it won't permanently change any of your settings.

    It's a good alternative for people who need/want to use IE.


    Here's how I have my basic Avant settings, sometimes I have to re-enable flash or ads on some websites, but it's easy and only takes 2 mouse clicks. :)

    The Avant Browser Options at the bottom has lots more features you can configure. B)

    It's the best browser I've ever used.


  10. Ok, so what do you recommend we use in the future???

    Also, does the spywareguide.com blocklist and your domain blocklist work with firefox???

    If not, can is be converted to work with firefox or is firefox secure enough???

    Thanks for creating the domain blocklist. :)

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." :)

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