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  1. I mirrored my release post from RyanVM:s forum Original Thread. Thanks Ryan for posting the workaround. Credit: Aaron Stebner here.

    This silent addon installs dotNET 2.0 from SVCPACK @ T13 from one EXE to reduce clutter. I've tested it(this addon) enough now to be sure the workaround is functional, installing from svcpack and running .NET programs, showing up in "add/remove programs", and no errors during install.

    The combined version installs both .NET 1.1 and 2.0 @ T13. Both at the very beginning, version 1.1 first. Tested and works. Quote Ryan: Self-extracting .NET 1.1 which already has Service Pack 1 and the KB886903 hotfix integrated into it.

    .NET v2.0 - Single EXE Addon

    Link 2.0 EXE file: 00dNET20.exe

    MD5: 4170419F1AF717197A3FC60CEB96C595

    SIZE: 16415 KB

    Link 2.0 CAB Addon: Foxy_dotNET_2.0_SVCPACK_Addon

    MD5: 6774277E9A1E07F5157101F7D1F8BF28

    SIZE: 16337 KB

    Heres the promised combined version:

    Link 1.1 and 2.0 CAB Addon: Foxy_dotNET_1.1_and_2.0_SVCPACK_Addon

    Link 1.1 and 2.0 CAB Addon: TMP Mirror Link

    MD5: 6D9D2E0643BCDB53506C63A2C801FBEF

    SIZE: 27545 KB

    Builddate: 2006-05-23

    Description: Installs .NET 2.0 from svcpack @ T13

    Language: English

    Version: 2.0

    License: Freeware?

    Op System: Windows 2000, XP & 2003

    Using netfx.msi from Roguespears silent addon (md5), during a diff compare to my extracted, Ryans and Roguespears they all differed. I'm sure it doesn't matter but I didn't feel like finding out what changed so I took the one I knew worked.

    How the 7-Zip Switchless 2.0 EXE work:

    • [GLOBAL WAIT] --> REGS --> [WAIT] --> installing --> [/WAIT] --> REGS --> [/GLOBAL WAIT] --> TMP files deleted.

    Have fun all!

  2. Eraser v5.8 released. Love your work if I haven't said it before. :)

    Wow, that's the first update in a couple of years I think. I thought this title was pretty much retired.

    After reading the forum I'm sorry to say it's a "beta" release. They have been making "silent" updates to it without changing the version number. Maybe it isn't a good idea to upgrade this addon yet.

    Edit: Been running 5.8 since release and haven't found any problems.

  3. I like my apps to be installed in the default directory.

    With winrar everyone can make his own installers much quicker , and default.

    This makes you installers no longer nessesary , atleast for me.

    Nice job you did dont get me wrong here, i realy admire your work.

    But , with winrar enybody can do this with few clicks.....

    It's real easy to make 7-zip installers to. I think this command will come in handy to you because it doesn't seem like you know how to check 7-zip installers and that's what your basing your opinion on.

    find /I "Runprogram=" *.exe

    Run this in cmd to see install switches. *.exe path to 7-zip sfx.

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