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  1. I have done some more testing and on a disc that I burned with Disc At Once, worked flawlessy, then had some errors, worked flawlessly, and it still has worked...

    I also burn at 4X just to make sure, but that is an odd error. For me, the CD's I burned faster 52X had a greater rate of the error message. It was always a different file... I am not sure what else you can do, except burn slower... because I cannot always replicate the issue.

    It has to do with the Laser, CD-R, or HD.... it is one of those variables that is causing it... You could try different CD-R's...

  2. Forgive me if this has been answered but I performed various searches and it found tons of pages of information. If you know the correct search sequence to find the relevant information, it would be very helpful....

    Currently, I have an unattended image that is working great. I set it up with Registry Tweaks, RyansVM Packs and the DriversPacks installed.

    I have it installed on a computer and now I want to make an image of the system using Sysprep because for me, it is much faster to drop an image on a computer and setup that way. However, I have one questions regarding the correct way of going about this:

    1: Will I need to re-create the OemPnPDriversPath = and all of the drivers again for the sysprep.inf file again?



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