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  1. When running WPI and installing from a network share, all exe-files gets flagged as "blocked" and you have to manually press run on every exe as WPI launches them.


    I seem to remember this was an issue earlier when Win8 came out, and a later version of WPI solved it. So it seems your workaround for that issue has been voided.


    Hopefully there´s a quick and easy fix for this, as it´s kind of tedious to have to attend my unattended executables. :)

  2. Good initiative. I agree with all the follow-up posts here at the moment, and got a couple of extra notes for you:

    Speech Support - This got nothing to do with microphone use. It let you controll your PC with your voice. Used by very few.

    It is also used for text-to-speech applications. Ventrilo for example uses this to make Microsoft Sally (or whatever her name is) say who connects to the server, changes channels, etc.

    Dynamic Volume Manager - Only leave it if you use Windows Back-Up.

    Isn't this needed for Dynamic Drives?

    As for drivers. If you have downloaded drivers available for integration, you can remove them all.

  3. From tweakguides.com

    "It appears that Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) early for Windows Vista x64 users - many are reporting that SP1 is officially available in their Windows Updates. It is currently unclear as to whether this release is accidental or not, but if you want to install SP1 this way keep in mind that there are three pre-requisite updates (KB938371, KB937287, and KB935509) which you should install before installing SP1 via Windows Update. Note that the standalone SP1 package doesn't need these updates prior to installation.

    Update: It appears this loophole may have been closed now."

  4. What you could do to start an unattended installation from a HD is to first boot a WinPE 2.0 image, then navigate to your vlite'd installation files through the cmd-prompt and run:

    setup.exe /unattend:Autounattend.xml

    Works without a hitch every time.

  5. Getting this .Net-error when I press Apply and vlite starts doing it's magic, on 2 of my vlited computers (one 64-bit and one 32-bit)

     System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

  6. in regards to your above example of Symantec my point would be that is a commercial venture, vlite isnt so what is the problem with people knowing how it works?

    So if Nuhi made vLite commercial, it would be okay? What if that is Nuhi's plan when vLite is a fully functional product out of beta? He has spent a lot of time and effort on it (and on nLite), and he certainly deserves to harvest the fruits of his work. I myself would not hesitate to buy it (If it of course came with good support, updates and was fairly priced).

    Speaking of which: OMG! WHEN IS NEXT VERSIONz!11111!

    EDIT: Cool. I made my MSFN-account before Nuhi. Give me cake!

  7. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I had no idea what to search for. As you can see from the topic, I had to improvise a lot creating that title... :unsure:

    Anyway... I wondered if someone knows about a tweak that allows me to change the predefined shortcuts in these dialogboxes (marked in red):


  8. Thanks for the regkey, Tsunami. But as you said. That does not work for the user variable.

    It is propably possible to export out all the user variables and append them on a new install... But that is not what I would like to achieve.

    There must be a way to edit this in one of the files on the XPCD. These environment settings must (logically) be created by something.

    But sadly it seems like the solution is buried deep withing the files of i386...

  9. As the title says. Is it possible to change the location of the TMP and Temp variables before installation?

    I want to be able to move them all to, say E:/tmp/ without having to go through the registry manually after the installation.

    I've checked around in the Hivedef.ini and other hives. I only found one listing, changed that, but it didn't work. Temp was still located in C:/Windows/Temp and D:/Documents and Settings/xxxx/... (I've used winnt.sif to change userdir location)

    I've thought about adding regtweaks that are installed post-install, but I'd rather try to get it done in the middle of installation.

  10. I'm trying to help out a friend of mine who wants to get his hands on some drivers for his laptop.

    It's an HP Pavilion ZE4400. I've searched the HP-site like crazy. But HP has without doubt the worst support site I've ever seen when it comes to laptops...

    If anyone here locate some drivers (mainly interrested in ATI graphic-drivers to give optimal performance), then please post links here.

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