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  1. Hello,

    I use the above laptop for home use only. It has plenty of space, doesn't need to be defragged and a virus scan came up clean. But its very slow to start up and to do anything really. I havent any unusual apps loaded on it. I have the usual Lime wire etc for music and some pictures. Ive deleted all the profiles except one to see if this would help speed it up. I've also installed recent updates from HP. Is there anything I can run on it or try to help improve it's efficiency. It's not a very old laptop and it's only used a couple of hours every week so i'm a bit disappointed with it.

    Any help greatly appreciated. :)


  2. Hello,

    A user has a relatively new pc but for a couple of weeks now is getting the following two errors everytime she logs on -

    1) Rundll32.exe...c:\windows\system32\tapi.info is not a valid windows image.

    When you click OK on this, the second one pops up...

    2) Rundll...error loading tapi.info...%1 is not a valid Win32 application.

    I had a quick look for this tapi.info file but can't find it and the user hasnt made any changes which could affect the image unless it happened by accident but hardly as she doesn't have admin rights. They are not affecting the efficiency of the pc and don't re-appear once they are clicked off until the next logon.

    Any help would bve greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


  3. Hi,

    I am aware that when you re-create a profile for MS Outlook, it will lose any of the e-mail addresses that were cached from when they were first typed into the address field. One of my users has unfortunately depended on this to "store" her e-mail contacts and after re-creating her profile (as it had become corrupt), they are no longer appearing for her when she goes to enter an address. Is there by any chance, a way of getting these back???

    Many thanks,


  4. Hi iamtheky,

    I tried the "open with" as you suggested and i am getting the following error message..."Windows cannot find filename. Make sure you type the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file click the start button and then click search."

    So it appears that the file association is corrupt. Is there a solution or a work around for this?

    Many thanks,

    Sarah :yes:

  5. Excel 2003 2 users share the PC and have a folder shared out on the C Drive which holds shared files which they both have the same access rights to.

    User A logs in and now when she tries to open an excel file from this shared folder on the C drive it won't open. The only way she can work around it is to open excel first and then open the file from the File menu and open.

    User B on the same PC can open the excel files no problem from their location on the C drive.

    They both have the same access rights.

    It is only happening with Excel User A can open all Word documents with no issues from this shared folder?

  6. Hi,

    A user had been using autotext in word 2003 (XP) for quite some time and built up a large amount of saved words and phrases. However, Word suddenly lost them along with some macros. I could re-create the macros so this was not a problem but can I recover the autotext? I looked at an older version of the normal.doc file but it was not there either.

    Any suggestions or is it a lost cause?

    Mnay thanks in advance...Sarah

  7. Hi,

    I have a Windows XP laptop, with Service Pack 3. (Its a compaq 6735b). It's brand new but the SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio does not work sometimes. When I power up the laptop I get an error relating to Soundmax, the volume icon is gone from my task bar and in device manager under Sound/Video/Game Controllers...the above SoundMAX option is not there. After a reboot it can come back but not always. Is there a glitch in my OS and could a re-image help solve this problem? Or should I go about re-installing the SoundMAX driver...if so where is the best place to downlaod it from?

    Many thanks,


  8. Hi,

    I have a user using Outlook 2003 with Windows XP. The Out of Office Assistant was always working fine until suddenly it stopped. When she clicks on it now to open it the following error comes up - "the command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension".

    I checked the Add-ins Manager under Tools/Options/Other/Advanced and the Exchange Extensions property pages is selected.

    I also removed the users profile and added it again but no change. I don't really want to re-install Outlook but I will if there are no other ideas?

    All help appreciated, many thanks,


  9. Hi,

    I have a user who has MS PPT 2002 running on XP on a Dell laptop. He has several ppt applications but has trouble with just one of them. It is 17mbs in size and contains some video clips. When he opens it the error "Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered an error and needs to close" comes up, forcing him to close out of it. He can open other large presentations that contain clips fine and he can open this particular one fine on his desktop.

    The entry in the event viewer for this error is - Source: Microsoft Office 10, and the description is: "Faulting application powerpnt.exe, version 10.0.2623.0, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x0002ae22."

    Any suggestions as to how I can help him? I am going to re-install powerpoint firstly.

    Many thanks,


  10. Hi again...

    Thanks RJARRRPCGP for your reply.

    The company that want to install the software have asked that I.T should install the Installshield Wizard first??? I am probably wrong but I didn't think that the Installshield Wizard is something that u can actually install?




  11. Hi,

    A home user is trying to install a package on his pc. It comes up with an error relating to the Installshield Wizard, basically saying it can't find it or it is not available? The package will not install...

    Any suggestions as to how I fix this?



  12. Cheers Tain,

    I had already copied and pasted some of the data to try it and it seems to work!! I will try saving it as an older file format though as you suggest, it maybe the best solution.

    Thanks for your time!


  13. Hi there,

    I have an excel spreadsheet which is only 117kb's in size. It's a template file and when I go to remove some of the comments in it, it freezes and I have to end task to get out of it. It doesn't happen with all the comments, just some of them??

    Any help is much appreciated as at the moment I can't change it as I need to!


  14. Hi all,

    I have a User who recieves a "Rules in Error" dialog box each time they open their mailbox in Outlook 2002.

    The listed Rule is "Server-Requested Client Action" and the Error listed is "MoveCopy, Unable to create dest msg."

    The user has not made any changes to his rules. This just suddenly started to pop up. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



  15. Hey,

    Thanks for replies. I know where the pst file is located thanks nitroshift, that isn't the problem.

    Hi tguy. I have no problem opening Outlook and I have already created a new pst file for the user so he is using that fine.

    But, he wants to remove some data from the original pst file and that is when he gets the error I mentioned!! He's basically doing what you suggested below, trying to clear out the original pst but as I said, this error appears when he tries to delete anything from it. He has no other problem within outlook apart from this.



  16. Hi there,

    I have a user using Outlook 2002 in MS Office XP Standard. Recently he reached the maximum size in his personal folder so he tried to remove old data from this that he no longer needs in order to free up space.

    However, when he tries to delete mails from this pst file he gets the following error: The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

    Obviously, restarting Outlook doesn't help!!

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  17. Hey there!

    I have a Windows ME pc which I couldn't boot due to errors but thankfully now I can. When I tried to open word on it, the following error appeared:

    "Winword has caused an error in WINWORD.EXE. Winword will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer."

    I think this problem was already an issue before the boot problem. It's Office 2000 and all the other applications work fine. Restarting obviously didn't help. When I click on the Close button on this message it closes out of word.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated! :)


    Sorry people...I looked a bit further down the forum and found the solution from Anne Troy!



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