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  1. I've used nLite 1.4.5 to strink my Windows 2003 SP1 down making sure not to remove anything that would cause problems with installing Excel 2003 afterwards.

    Unfortauntely I'm getting this error:


    Can someone tell me what is required (components) in Windows to allow ODBC\ Excel 2003 to install and work?

    I've made sure MDAC is installed\reinstalled and if I use a FULL Windows 2003 Server CD it works fine.



  2. I am PXE booting a server and booting it into a WinPE image using Microsoft Automated Deployment Services.

    When the server is connected to the ADS server I run a sequence which sets the disk array and then runs diskpart to create the partitions.

    Unfortunately Diskpart is only showing the first of the 3 logical partitions that I create using the cpqacuxe utility.

    I've tried restarting the Logical Disk Manager service and running a diskpart rescan but nothing helps.

    Has anyone had any luck with this?



  3. I seem to have come across a really annoying problem which I've searched the WHOLE web for and can't find the solution.

    After installing Windows 2003 Server there is a shortcut to "Manage Your Server" in the Pinned Program List.

    Whilst it's VERY easy to right click and remove this (which is what I want) I can't find a way of doing it automatically during the unattended setup or even as a runonce.

    I've tried regmon.exe but nothing seems to obviously set this.

    Does anyone have any ideas for this?



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