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  1. . <---------

    See that?

    That's a Full Stop! They're amazing things, you should try using them. :D

    Can you post your nlite config?

    With Window's own drivers, the mouse/keyboard will only show up as HID Compliant devices.. you have to install the third party drivers manually to get it to pick them up as Logitech devices. The non-nlited XP obviously has these third party drivers installed, and the nlited XP obviously doesn't. :)

  2. ■right click on a network share - map network drive

    ■idividually change the volume of any app from the audio mixer

    ■install raid drivers from HDD/USB/Anything during setup!

    ■process manager shows process's location, description, and has a *much* better resource monitor

    ■amount of free space etc shown on mapped drives

    ■*huge* thumbnails.. useful for my photo's folder

    ■translucent gui - not just the obvious explorer blur - install sisoft sandra to see a good example :)

    ■really nice preview icons for avi's.. xp had this, but they're ultra hi-res in vista :P

    ■ever seen the 'genie' effect when minimizing in OSX? Vista has something similar, but more toned down. effective, but not over the top.

    ■seems to boot equally as quick as my xp install, which is nLite'd to the max!

    I'm liking it so far, just wish nVidia would release some comparable drivers to xp!

  3. I used to be sitting on a RAID 0 in XP, but I was forced to disable it and go dual SATA HDD's instead as Vista refused to detect it. I tried the latest drivers from Nvidia, the older ones and even drivers from DFI homepage but I still got nothing. Vista is supposed to be better then XP, not the other way around! Another thing MS has screwed up..

    MS hasn't screwed anything up.. nVidia (are supposed to) make the drivers!

    Saying that, nVidia hasn't screwed up that badly.. The OS isn't even publicly released yet ;)

    The DFI drivers haven't been updated in a while.. you'll be better off checking nVidia nzone for drivers, or their ftp -


  4. The keyboard works fine for brightness etc on my gf's laptop.. make sure you have 'Extended Keyboard' rather than normal keyboard chosen in your localization/language settings :)

    I find that the power management features are much better in Vista - go to

    Control Panel>Power Options>Edit Power Options>Change Advanced Settings

    There's a plethora of stuff to change :)

    Hope this mat fix at least one of your problems!

    If not.. Ah well, sony software sucks :P

    I hate SonicStage, and I loved LikSang :(

  5. Vista may detect SATA drives, but identifying that drive and having drivers in Vista for it are two different things. Fizban2 was correct, if the drivers do not exist natively in Vista you need to load them like he said. Vista ships with a ton of drivers but not every SATA in the world has drivers in Vista.

    the drives themselves don't need any drivers at all!

    The sata ports may need additional drivers, but this is very unlikely if the motherboard is based on one of the common chipsets..

    ati, nforce, via etc.

    It's the motherboard that needs chipset drivers, or the pci sata controller that needs drivers, but the sata drives do not need any drivers ;)

    *edit* - typo's ahoy!

  6. you will need to load drivers for your SATA controller is they are not natively found by vista, this could be done from a floppy or a USB device


    Vista detects Sata drives just fine, you only need drivers if you have the disk in a raid array.

    One sata disk will be detected just as easily as a pata disk.. no drivers are needed!

    It's just a drive, with a different interconnect..

    Seriously, I haven't needed drivers for any of my sata drives, and most chipsets' drivers are shipped with Vista.


    unless you don't use an onboard controller (eg a pci sata card) - but even then, most controllers such as SIS etc have drivers in the vista install :)

  7. Total available RAM to XP is equal to 4GB - (Total RAM of cards, bios, roms). If you have a 512MB video card with 4GB of system ram, you will only have 3.5GB available in Windows XP. There's a large article on [H]ard|Forum that explains the problem in depth. Also, here's an official microsoft doc about it too.

    There are two ways around that problem. Run Windows XP 64-Bit (or another 64-bit OS like Vista) on 64-Bit hardware OR run Windows XP 32-Bit using PAE (Physical Address Extension) on Intel PAE compatible hardware (CPU + motherboard).

    that only happens if you have gart drivers.. ie an AGP card :P

    doesn't happen with PCI-E, because pci-e doesn't use gart.. it allows the grfx card to access windows ram, but it is shared and only when necessary.

  8. I carry a whole OS on my flash drive, and it's bootable.

    I hope you don't expect for it to live much longer. :P

    If the OS acts like a live cd, then it will make minimal writes to the flash drive.. it will mostly just be reads into ram :)

    If it doesn't, then that flash drive is likely already dead :P

    thanks for the portableapps.com link, very usefull :D

  9. His OS is written at the top of the .ini :)

    XP SP2

    your lastsession.ini shows nothing that would cause conflict.. indeed, it's a very conservative nLite :)

    I often find some unattended drivers cause BSOD's, and for some reason, ryanVM's updates.

    But you have no drivers or hotfixes integrated..

    All I can think of is your cd has write errors, or it win32k.sys was read to the image wrong.. wink32.sys sounds corrupt :)

    Make the nLite again from fresh (you can use the lastsession.ini to keep settings), and burn a new one at a slow speed :)

  10. your tweaks look fine to me..

    try running windows setup from in windows.. it'll copy all the needed files, reboot, and run windows setup without needing to boot from the windows cd.

    of course, this way, you'll get a C:/windows.old as well, rather than a clean formatted partition, but you can just del the old win folder :)

  11. it sounds like the cd's are not being read..

    so either the cd's are unreadable, ie need to be burn't slower, on decent new disks,

    or your dvd drive is up the creek and losing it's paddle.

    I've got two drives that are really, really fussy, and often only read disks when you hit the drive on the top!

    I'd recommend getting some good quality disks if you're using a cheap cake of cdr's.. I've come to expect 30% of cheap cake cd's not to be bootable/last more than a week or two and then become to easily scratched ;)

  12. lol, I already have that.. it has been available for years now!

    I was on about ET:Quake Wars :P

    Beta Signup page got pulled down, and nothing's been heard about it since :'(

  13. which raptor do u have? b/c technically the 74gig is a pata with a sata connection, thats why you are able to install OSX on it as an ide drive while sata doesnt work so well..

    I'm able to install Vista/XP/OSX86 onto any of my sata drives, without any drivers. The latest AMD OSX86 works flawlessly on all my sata drives :P

    37GB WD Raptor

    250GB Maxtor DM10

    300GB Maxtor DM10

    50GB pata MAxtor DM9

  14. dear friends

    ( sorry i can not write english well because my language is not english )

    please help me, how can i save music in online music site that show music with windows media player (format : mp3 or wma )

    best regard ... :w00t:

    by clicking the 'purchase' button? ;p

  15. I'm guessing the mp3 player is usb2 mass storage? If so, then it depends on your motherboard wether you can boot from usb, but most likely you can. You can set the first boot device in BIOS, or if your board has the option, then a key like escape will bring up a 'which device to boot from' after POST, and you can select to boot from a device other than the usual prefered boot disk. hope this makes sense :)

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