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  1. At the moment I have WPI working rally well aaprt from one small issue which I think is down to my own lack of understanding.

    But try as i might I can not get it to work.

    I am using WPI to silently Install Quicktime and to copy across my preferences and user regisrtation details.

    My WPI looks like:

    cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\software\\utilities\\Quicktime\\QuickTime.msi ISSETUPDRIVEN=1" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qn /passive]

    cmd2[pn]=['filecopy "%cdrom%\\software\\utilities\\Quicktime\\QuickTime.qtp" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\Application Data\\Apple Computer\\QuickTime\\QuickTime.qtp"']

    cmd3[pn]=['filecopy "%cdrom%\\software\\utilities\\Quicktime\\com.apple.QuickTime.plist" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\Application Data\\Apple Computer\\QuickTime\\com.apple.QuickTime.plist"']

    cmd4[pn]=['filecopy "%cdrom%\\software\\utilities\\Quicktime\\QuickTime.qts" "%PROGRAMFILES%\\QuickTime\\QTSystem\\QuickTime.qts"']

    cmd1 and cmd4 works fine

    cmd2 and cmd3 does not work (returned code 1 if that means anything in wpi log)

    if I try to browse to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\Application Data\\Apple Computer\\QuickTime\\ folder I get an error message that this does not exist.

    So I am assuming my problem is something to do with copying a file to a folder that does not exist?

    This would explain why cmd4 works fine as that folder does exist.

    Could somebody help me to fix my cmd2 and cmd3 tog et the file copying working correctly?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi, i have been using WPI for a while now.

    I currently have WPI setup on a separate CD (makes updating easier)

    I am thinking about making the move to 64bit vista and I would like 2 WPI on 1 cd.

    What I would like is when i insert the cd a option box appears asking if you to click 64bit or 32 bit. Then depending upon which one you click it will load WPI1 or WPI2 (one would be setup with 32bit programs the other 64bit programs)

    So i guess i am asking is how can i get some sort of auto run option asking me which one to load?

  3. Hi guys, i have created a ntlited windwos xp SP2 (with IE7) and RVM Update pack and have integrated windows media player 11 with boogeys addon.

    This works great however, it only allows me to select standard themes.

    if i copy a patched uxtheme.dell into my windows cd and do a fresh install it works fine and i can select my other themes.

    However, the problem with this is SFC then moans after windows install

    So my only conclusion is that nlite isn't patching uxtheme even though i have told it to do so.

    Does any1 know why this is happening (is it a media player 11 issue as this was inetgrated with boogeys addon afterwards) Or is this an nlite issue.

  4. Hi, i was wondering if anyone is able to help me as i have the weirdest problem and i can't for the life of me figure out what is going wrong.

    I have just made a Windows XP PRO SP2 Unattended windows CD with RyanVM pack (latest), IE7 and Windows Media player 11 (all intregated with nlite) and it works a treat.

    However, at end of the setup process it asks me to eneter User Name(s) for the creation of the User account(s).

    So i enter Bry as the first and leave all the other blanks and i get taken to the windows login screen. Where i see



    "New User"

    (without the ")

    Now i did not tell it to create this "New User" and i have double checked cmdlines.txt and OOBEINFO.INI and there is defiantely no mention in either of them about creating any new users or any user account information.

    I have also used windows search to search for the command "net user" in my windows files and its found none.

    So my question how else can windows automatically be creating a enw user account by the name of "New User" My only thinking right now is this is a weird nlite bug?

  5. what i would persoanlyl like is somethign for when it is being used on a auto run cd. Im making one where i want different installs for different operating systems. yes i know about the selection emnu on the left.

    But, what i would like is when you first load just a small screen with a button for each OS and when you click that it shows default WPI screen but with only the programs that support that OS. instead of seeing non supported ones greyed out. Would make it look more professional and less cluttered imho.

  6. hi i have just upgraded from 4.3.5 (thought it was tiem to update my unattended dvd).

    I see there have been a few changes ;)

    I've managed to figure most things out however i can see no documentation (and have tried searching) on what we do now we no longer have WPI.cmd.

    wpi.cmd in oem folder so it gets copied to the system32 folder.

    I used to do this via winnt.sif file



    and then install my applications via (for example)


    WPI is located in d:\wpi

    (e.g. wpi d:\wpi\wpi.hta)

    Software setup programs in d:\software\

    (e.g. d:\software\applications\office.exe where d is the cdrom)

    So how does wpi work now that wpi.cmd no longer exists and how do you actually run it after windows setup like my previous version (above) did?

    Many Thanks for your time.

  7. Is it possible to specify to exclude a certain file when makign an iso?

    What i would like to do is offer the option to burn a regular or an unattended iso by specifyign whether or not to include winnt.sif. Is this possible?

    Is it also possible to do this for the install i.e.

    \setup\Xppro\setup.exe -uanttended ? or soemthing?

  8. Hi, i have successfulyl got windows xp and windows 2003 working on my multiboot dvd. But, i seem to be having major problems with windows 2000 sp4.

    Everytime i try to install it it just freezes with 'Setup Is Starting Windows 2000' in the bottom left hand corner, during the text mode part of the setup.

    Im using vmware as my virtual pc to install.

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