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  1. It remembers last before red, which was letter away, kinda lame at first but when you get used to it it's quite fast and intuitive.

    Why red...did you had any other with the full name Administrator?

    Point is that only one unique full name is allowed.

    oh, thanks for your reply first. :)

    here is my User section in the file Last Session_u.ini,



    the underline word cannot be deleted(nlite will warn you to fill in the Full Name edit box), the following one cannot be passed in nlite1.20b



    for example if i don't wanna set a full name, i just leave it alone in nlite1.01, but now nlite will not let me do this.

    so what should i do?

    thanks a lot.

  2. firstly, great thanks for nuhi's effort on nlite :thumbup

    i notice user configuration is different in 1.2b, when you choose "fully automatic" and leave user configuration alone, nlite will warn you "Please give a full name"(mainly mean this), so i have to give user "administrator" a full name, but when i choose "administrator" as a full name, the edit box turns red.

    finish the rest things till you enter winxp, and you will see the user "administrator" changes to "administrato", missing the last letter "r" :(

    so, what's wrong?

  3. i made a nlited os with 1.0 final release, and problem came.


    1.can't creat shortcuts in the red rectangle(pic 1)

    2.there is no "pin to start menu" in the right menu, when i choose a exe file.(pic 2)

    so, why?




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