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  1. @spacesurfer

    My apology if i didn't explain it right, as i've said,maybe the term i used was wrong, and i was wrong. :)

    honestly, i tried making a bootable Ghost DVD for my Laptop as a recovery dvd but unfortunately, i am not successful with it, i tried to create a ghost image hoping it could be a bootable one using norton ghost 2003(the old 1 i think,have ghost 9 too) but i i failed to make it right, i need alot of reading i think :) I just wish i could make a recovery disk of my own for my laptop, (its recovery dvd is also a ghost image i think but its sp1 only) so all i wanted to have is a new recovery disk with sp2 and all my softwares installed so that i would waste no time of reinstalling my os once it gets messed up which is always happenning bcuz my kid uses it all the time. Anyways, ty very much for the reply.


    mine is also a dvdr/rw drive

  2. i maybe out of the topic here, but still, i wanna ask someone here to tell me how to update my dvd rom driver cuz i already created a bootable ghost dvd image but the problem is that my dvd rom drive isn't supported by norton ghost, or is there any way i could make a

    dvd ghost image of my pc that doesn't have a floppy drive. sorry if the term i used here isn't right, i hope u'll understand. pls give me some words. thnx in advance.


  3. gud day to all readers here, i am just curious to know how to make a file to be copied and pasted automatically to a certain destination like program files or windows or anywhere in the system automatically and sometimes overwriting the original files, i mean without rt. clicking then copy and pasting it in. is it possible to make it executable with just a click of a mouse? if this is possible, could you pls share it to me on how to do it. ty!

  4. i have been reading a lot of oem stuffs here and it is very helpful esp. for me who knows nothing but surfing and admiring those who knew too much about a lot of things like you guys. D;

    i just wanna ask, after making ur own oem logo, the bmp & the ini, is it possible to install it automatically without the copy and paste thing? don't know the right term for it, if it is, could you pls post here how to do it.

  5. i found a ghost.exe;tghost.exe;preinst.gho; etc..... in the Base Folder from the image i created from the recovery disk i have.

    also, after fresh reistallation of os and updating it, which 1 am i going to create as an image, the recovery disk that i have or the system itself, sorry bro, got no idea, so pls, if you won't mind, could you please help or tell me what to do, step by step. i know this too much to ask, and i apologize for this.

  6. m a new member here asking for a little advice with regards to the unattended installation.

    i tried to make unattended installation of winxp pro and integrated it with SP2 as well, i thought i followed it right by following the step by step instructions for beginners, the CD i created is already finished and it turned out ok, that's what i thought, it booted ok, but an error prompted me at the beginning of the installation saying "usbehci.sys is corrupted, press any key to exit" and i got no option but to exit. what do you think is wrong with it, guys! pls. give me some words regarding this.

    ty very much

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