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  1. i got a acer laptop with preinstalled win 7 home premium

    i have a fresh copy of DVD of windows 7 oem home premium

    how can i convert that dvd to make it compatible to my acer

    how to put activation key and files? serials into that DVD so that if i install that fresh copy to my laptop, its just behave like new same copy of original OS.

    what are the thing to make changes and replace....

  2. I couldn't read the font used on this website,


    i am using windows 7 HomePremium. I have checked on may PC on various OS, the site opens fine on default installation of windows.

    Please see the attached image for reference..

    actually which fonts has been using on that particular page,, can we know and which font in the system is overriding that ?

    the font used in this site is Unicode, so default installation of windows must read this font.... so it is sure some mistype fonts is overriding this font..

    can anybody guide me to know which font is giving me trouble...


  3. well i have gone through the site, its ei.cfg file... but still

    will this applies for all version of windows 7?

    does this support RTM and OEM

    lets suppose i have to integrate the keys and the activation for different pc and version of hardware


    one of my laptop is installed home premium

    another is professional.

    but has different token backups

    how to include this both activation on same DVD so that i can use the same DVD for these two hardware.

  4. is it possible to change the windows 7 home premium DVD to all version DVD (starter, hp, ultimate, basic, professional)

    if its possible, is it possible to integrate each serial for each version on the same DVD

    one key for ultimate (or token/oem slp)

    another key for professional (or token)

    i want to integrate all in the same DVD

  5. ok i got some clue, now i am ready to install my operating sytem..

    now can i install both 32 bit and 64 bit with the same key or by the same activation backup. ?

    i would like to switch back to 32 bit as previously it was 64 bit..

    pls help

  6. Can I use the key attached on my laptop back stiker on my desktop pc on same version of os downloaded. As I knew that the key is not used on oemversion of windows 7.

    Why ms is providing that key then if they are not using that key.

  7. Copy and paste ? But which key ? The key on stiker or key generated by mjkb. The are totallydifferent. Will the keybe the same for 32 and 64 bit.

    In which case will b the key provided on the stiker used? If the is not needed , why ms has attached it on the back of laptop. Can the key b used with someother pc to install same virsion of os and to activate it ?

  8. You use Dism to mount your target image and replace this. You need a valid key.

    where to get that key

    i used mjkb software to find the key, but it showed be different key other than the stiker one.

  9. i have preinstalled win 7 home premium

    i checked the key with mjkb and what i am surprised is the key used

    the key was totally different with the key attached with my laptop stiker

    if i need to reinstall windows 7 oem i downloaded from internet which key will work ?

  10. is there a way to backup and restore the version of windows 7 similar as windows vista as ABR do.

    i have a new sony vaio laptop with windows 7 home premium with recovery partition.

    if i know to backup and restore its activation, i will do a clean installation of windows 7 same version and will resotre the activation

    how to know the serial number used in the OS

    as i have heard the serial number used in the OS is different then its on the stiker on the back.

    can i install any OEM version of same OS and activate online it with key it provided. ?

    i have downloaded same version of windows 7 from internet.

    can i use the key that has been attached on the back of the laptop. ? will it get activated or theres some other fact behind ?

  11. i have a laptop sony vaio vgn-nw31m

    it was originally shipped with windows vista with a single partition. i then managed it to break upto 3 partition resulting the corruption of recovery partition.i was runnig vista for a year and now i want to install windows 7.

    while trying to install windows 7, it gives the message, HDD not found.

    how will i manage to install the windows 7 in this case.

    Please note: i dont have ext-floppy drive nor internal

  12. May I ask why you would even want to put IE7 or WMP11??

    Putting those two things basically degrades your system. If you wanted to improve your system, you should be installing Firefox and Winamp or VLC Player..

    what funny.. Degrade !!!

    How can you say it degrades the system,

    Does it mean windows vista is completely a crap ?

    dude its choice, a flavour

    firefox and winamp might be ur choice, but it is not necessary to have the same choice for all others.

  13. To integrate IE7 Visit HERE and download the addons

    To integrate WMP11, this is the best site

    To bring the IE7 icon on the desktop

    use this registry tweak

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    You will not be getting the internet explorer box on customize desktop because thats SP3 bug..

    for LAPTOP sata drivers, use brashat n sneaky mass storage driver pack

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