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  1. Hello folks

    What is the easiest to get a newly imaged PC to prompt for static ip and to create a new local user after imaging; i.e. during or immediately after sysprep finishes?

  2. And yes, specifically the Broadcom 1 Gb 57xx controller, one of our guys got the driver, integrated into the CD so we could start ghosting our new Dell GX-280's.  As for the bootable CD, I would recommend a USB Key, but either way, you are using a boot floppy image and puttiing it onto a bootable medium, so we also have simply used the small 8 cm mini-CDs and used Nero to use the 1.44 Mb Floppy disk as a bootable disk image, easy enough actually.  Anything is better than waiting for a flopy the first few times you are familiarizing yourself with this ghosting system.

    I apologize for jumping in here...Have you got the GX-280's to boot from USB? Can you provide specifics. I use Barts and UBCD4WIN but CD's are slow. Thanks

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