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  1. yes i did that like 4 times but i got over that i booted into safe mode altered nothing and things got back to normal windows is ..wierd
  2. hi using xp pro sp2 i was trying out some ....firewall and i decided to get rid of it the next boot i had noticed that the run command and "shutdown" are gone from my start menu as well as settings. I menaged to get them back with reg works. And i thought taht was all but ;( when i wanted to run the task menager i got "..disabled by the admin" hmmmm im the only admin (and the only account) on this pc so what the heck... i created one more admin account and everything was rocking beautifully there so my question is how to get into deep commands on privileges and user accounts in XP?
  3. hi been a regular visiter of this site for a long time know and i have to say that the knowledge base is huge came to register today couse i need to ask a question

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