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  1. Hi, robbygeorge here.

    I have used pq8, and have complete success in creating partitions,formatting,and making the primary partition Active.

    I would recomend using pq8 to partition ALL types of hard-drives.

    PQ8 is really a program called POWERQUEST, which I have in my possession, and can be installed on your hard-drive (if you have windows installed ), to find & fix any problems like: converting to fat32 from ntfs, or visa-versa. I have tried both NTFS for Windows XP Pro., and also FAT32 for Windows XP Pro. I would definitly prefer the FAT32 fike system as being far superior to NTFS. My computer runs smoother, faster, and with no problems at all. NTFS seems to be slower, a bit bumpy, and is vulnerable to serious problems. I have had a dual-boot system installed [using PQ8] but find that the Windows 98 partition was not used very often, so I reformatted [PQ8 again] and reinstalled WindowsXP-Pro on the one single partition. p/s When you install pq8 on the hard-drive, you are given the option of making a set of floppy disks to use when you need to re-format

    your hard-drive. Floppy No.1 is a boot disk, No2 is the PQ8 program.


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