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  1. Hi.

    I have been using unattended method for couple years, and being I live alone, I have always set mine up to auto logon as admin. Well now, I'm going to be having a 14yr old female, that has trashed every MS O/S she has been able to get onto, Moving in with me (Along with her mother). I can't afford to have her trashing my systems, so I need to go back to manual logon, and preferably with no guest accounts. But, I cannot remember the regedits to do so. I'm even thinking of installing a key-lock switch in the green ATX power on wire.

    Can someone guide me to the regedits I need? All I see is how to auto logon.

  2. I was just wondering if there is a tweak or fix or regedit I can do to stop the "configure your server wizzard" from popping up everytime I boot or reboot the server. For the most part, the server stays on, unless I'm going to be gone for a day or two. I already have eveything I need configured, and I'm not using it for a DNS or DHCP server, just a file, media, and print server. Also, Auto logon would be cool too.

  3. I've had that happen twice, same exact symptoms. It was a trojan in a restore file stored on slave drive, since I always move My Documents to a slave in case I have a problem. Trend Micro's house call and AVG didn't find it, but upon a reformat, as I could not move, copy or paste anything, I installed Norton Antivirus, and it found it immediately. Shutting down restore will wipe those folders out, as you cannot get in them. Then just turn restore back on.

  4. I Finally Installed IE7 yesterday, and so far I'm digging it. Way better and faster than FF, and doesn't eat the resources the way FF does. Now I had problem when I got it through auto updates. It would not install, as I could not completely shut down my antivirus and spyware tools. So I got the bright idea of installing it using safemode with networking, and it installed without a problem. Except, It will not save my homepage. When I shut the browser down, it reverts right back to MSN. Any idea's??

  5. who uses windows 98 anymore.. you realize we are in 2006 right?

    I have a good reason. I modify bioses, and many of the programs used to do so only work on 98/98SE. And I mean Pure, with no updates, otherwise these programs, like Modbin, will not save the modded files. So yes, it is still a useful OS.

  6. Here is how I do it.

    First format your drive or partition as normal. Now you'll need a custom 98 boot disk.

    Now you can make your own custom boot disk if you have a running win98 box. ME won't work as the files you need to add don't exist in ME. First, go to settings, add and remove programs, there you will see a tab for startup disk, go there, follow the instructions, and make the disk. Leave it in. Go to C: drive in my computer, go to the windows folder in there, you will find a command folder, open that. Now simply right click /send to 3-1/2 floppy A: the following files








    Now for the fun. make sure you have your bios set to boot from floppy first.

    Now boot from this modded bootdisk and setup with CDrom support. Next, provided you did format in FAT32 of course, from the A:\ prompt type C:

    Once in C:\ type: md options and hit enter (md=Make directory)

    Now type: cd options (cd=change directory) It will look like this


    now type md cabs, hit enter and then type cd cabs and enter, Example: C:\OPTIONS\CABS> now just type dir (directory) and it will show you the directory and size. Now from C:\OPTIONS\CABS> type A: and enter, this will bring you back to the A prompt.

    Now make sure your win98 CD is in the CDrom

    If you have multiple CD DVD drives, your drive letter is going to be one letter farther down, as the ram is now considered D: so CDrom will be E:

    From A:\ type xcopy32.exe e:\win98\*.*/s c:\options\cabs\ and hit enter. This will copy the entire CD to that directory. Now one little thing else I do is after copying the CD, I go back to C:\OPTIONS\CAB> and type md drivers, Switch CD's to my Drivers disk, then I go back to a and type xcopy32.exe e:\*.*/s c:\options\cabs\drivers\ which copys all my drivers to that directory That driver bit is optional, but it works great.

    Anyway, now to load the OS. from the A: prompt type C:\options\cabs\setup. Now 98 will load directly out of the file on the drive, extremely fast, like 10 minutes. After its finished, I go to my computer, C drive, open the options directory, Cabs directory, and the drivers directory, and just click setup, and in about 20 seconds all your drivers will be installed and its asking to reboot, do it, and your done. Also, with ME, replace the win98 with win9x. You'll never have to insert the CD again. :D

  7. Thanks for the replys, I'll give them a shot. I played with this for hours last night tring different commands and switches, but every test, media player popped up.

    BTW, I didn't make this clear in my first post, but the idea was to have background music playing while applications are being installed thru runonce.

  8. The title says it all, when I run backups off my webhosting, I'd like to be able to download it directly to a CD. I have a Burner in my 2000 server box, that hardly ever gets used. Does anyone know of a program, or perhaps a cmd for nero to accept the download to a temp file and then auto burn?

  9. I have searched for this here but came up empty handed. I build custom computers in my spare time. When I set them up, I make a Unattend disk, with all the drivers and apps, and include it along with the original XP disk, and a compiled disk of just drivers and apps. What I'm wondering is: can I store the UA files in a small 3 or 4gb fat32 partition, making it a restore partition like on major brand comps, and use a plain old Win9x bootdisk, and from dos go cd C\: then cd XPCD, then setup.exe, and have it reload the O/S? Any experience with this anyone??

    I'm going to try it anyway, but I thought I might as well ask first. Just trying to simplify

  10. A friend of mine, using XP home sp2, just bought nero ultimate, and installed it. He imediately got a re-activate prompt. He swears no hardware changes have been made. Why in the world would an app cause that??

    And I know I've seen it here somewhere, but what hardware changes does XP look for besides the obvious motherboard/cpu/vidcard/hardrive?

  11. Place to post this, so trash it if needed. I don't own any MS server O/S's, but I do have an old box setup with linux, and all the server tools installed. Now where I'm having problems is setting it up. All I want this for is to setup an in house http server to duplicate my web server space, and install a copy of my forum, so i can try modifications before actually uploading to the web server. Just as a safety measure. But, I cannot even get thru httpd configure. It may as well be written in martian, or perhaps is written in klingon. But the more i read it the more confused i get. Can someone help or link me to a good site for dummies? I've googled every posible combo I can think of, and still end up with the same results, just apache docs.

    Again, sorry if this is the wrong place for this. :blushing:

  12. I've already checked all that, all my boards are 1 yr old or newer, all have usb2.0. Non of them have it enabled, and trying to enable it, it says I must install SP1. Now could this be caused by using SP2 pre-release "beta"? original download date was 8-4-04.

  13. About a year ago, I did my first unattend XPCD, the Old fashioned way without using Nlite. Since my version of XPpro is an early non service pack version, I asked here if I needed to slipstream SP1, as well as SP2. I was told no as it would just increase my install size and to skip SP1 and go straigt to SP2. Well, I just noticed, after buying a usb2.0 product, that it is not installed. So, I ask again, does SP1 need to be slipstreamed in, for usb2.0 support or is there another patch for that.

  14. Thank you very much! Its working as planned, no default gateway since all info is being sent and recieved to and from the file server thru secondary NIC's on the IE capable machines. The primary NICs have only TCP/IP protocol enabled, and are not bridged to the secondary's.

  15. I have all port forwarding disabled in the router. I know there is always a hacking possibility. I tried the linux server once before thru the router with 80 open supposedly only to my internal network, I was hacked in minutes, so I gave up that plan. Just looking for a safer way to do this.

  16. Ok, here is the wierd part, I have three PC's that are connected to the net thru a wired router, I Also have two other PC's that I want to use as servers, one with windows, as a file share, the other with FC3 for use as a in house http server, for use in tweaking my own forum without worring about messing up my host server. The two servers I do not want connected to the internet in any way, to avoid hacks. Now my plan is this, to add secondary NICs to the internet capable machines, and run them to a network switch, to which the servers will be connected. Is this possible?

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