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  1. When I try to validate this Genuine Advantage it keeps telling me that my internet settings won't let the Active X program run. I've gone to Internet Options and enabled everything to do with Active X or downloads and even tried turning off my AV and firewall( Panda Platinum ) but I still keep getting this same message. My OS is XP Home installed from the Dell factory restore disk. Help!

  2. I make this post hoping someone at MS will read it. I own Dell 4600 I bought after market and use the XP Home OS that came on the install disk. At this time I'm using dial-up although I hope to upgrade to cable(3M) soon. For this reason I download updates as executables and save them to my 2nd HD and periodically to CD in case of a crash or virus. I don't mind going thru a validation process because I realize your software is a prime target for piracy. But even though my software is legal I find myself skipping the validation process because it is so aggravating and annoying and time consuming. Please improve this process so that legal users of your software do not get punished or inconvenienced. I wanted to leave this as an e-mail at MS but that proved just as cumbersome.

  3. To find hotfixes as full installers I usually go to Microsoft.com > Support > then search the KB by the #. This leads to MS-xx which generally offers a link to the download. Or you can try Microsoft.com > Downloads > Security > then filter by the OS (or IE or whatever) and arrange by date instead of popularity. This puts the latest ones at or near the front.

  4. WI 3.0 appears to install fine on W2K Server. I put it in SVC-HF1. XPCreate renamed it MSI30_NET in the svcpack file and folder. I burned a disk and installed with it. Its listed in the Add/Remove programs list. Is there another way to verify?

  5. This is my 1st post and I'd like to begin by thanking you for sharing such a wonderful program as freeware. Windows Installer 3.0 isn't a critical or recommended update that I know of and isn't on GMs list but I would like to add it just to have the most current versions of everything on my 2000 installer disk. It looks like it should go in SVC-HF1. I welcome any feedback and I'm glad to be part of your forum.

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