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  1. On 3/19/2022 at 4:46 AM, cov3rt said:

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to change some functions of xnview to work more like windows photo viewer from windows 7. the specific version of xnview i am using 

    is version 1.82.4 on windows 95, 98SE, and 2K. What i want to do specifically is to make it so that when holding left click and zoomed in onto a photo, when moving the picture, for the picture to move in the opposite direction of the mouse movement, which is how windows photo viewer functions like. now i will not be doing any testing for some time, and i dont know if xnview murgee auto clicker had this problem for sure, so i could be wrong about the mouse direction thing, but i do remember at least one thing being different from windows photo viewer, noticeable enough that made it somewhat awkward to use. maybe it had to do with the zoom direction itself, instead of the other thing i mentioned, but i wanted to see if what i want to do is possible or easy to do? 


    I just got xnview, and it seems very usable to me.
    I mostly need it to fully replace the built in Windows7 Photo-viewer, which is bugging me with constantly opening new windows of itself every time you double-click an image-file since day one.

    However I have gotten pretty used to the zooming behavior of the Photo-viewer.
    It Zooms with the Mouse-wheel (almost) infinite to where the Cursor is and it drags the picture with the left mouse.

    In xnview I can drag the picture with the left mouse button, but when the picture reaches its native resolution, the mouse wheel turns from zooming to scrolling around, which is bad.

    So how can I adjust this to my needs?

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