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  1. So i figured out why a new forlder did not show. Seems that If you create a folder and have nothing in it , StartAllBack will not show this empty folder. Once i put a shortcut or Link in the folder it shows. Mark as Solved
  2. So, just reinstalled Win11Pro in VM and then installed StartAllBack. set to use XP Flyout Menu and then added a folder in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs C:\Users\test\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs Nothing Shows in StartAllBack and windows11 did not prompt for Admin access. Not sure why the folders do not show
  3. so after some trial and error, its a windows 11 issue. Seems i add a folder and it should pop up a security prompt to say create as admin. Doing this multiple times and nothing shows. After mucking around with Win11 security settings i managed to get one folder to appear , but for the life of me i cannot get any more to show changed the security on folders to make it ask for admin priviledge , but no matter what i cannot get it se see the folders. So dont think its an issue with StartAllBack...
  4. Hi Loving the app. but --- On any new installation of Windows, i manually create Folders that show up on my start menu. ie. Ultilites , Video, Graphics etc I am using release version of Win11 Pro in VM and open the StartAllBack Menu. I have it set as XP fly out menus. If i rightclick the Programs heading on the start menu it gets me options to Open or Open all users ( i assume the start menu folders) I now create a new folder in either & both , but i dont get them showing up in the menu. Manually created folders do not show on the StartAllBack menu of the Windows 11 menu.!

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