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  1. Completely new with this but i have a Linx 10 tablet which i find rather slow running Win 10, so considering formatting and installing Android's OS.

    So i am considering changing the OS from Win 10 to Android/Chrome OS (i assume they are the same OS but maybe termed differently) but i have no idea about the ins/outs of doing this or what risks are involved.

    I would like to have the option to return to Win 10 if i need to in future. I have searched the web but some have obtained a copy of the OS and done a straight install (different results for everyone) but of course i dont know what is considered a safe site to download the OS from. Other sites build an OS but again im not sure if it's what im after (ie. CloudReady).

    Would appreciate if anyone could give me some pointers to get started with this any other info to guide me along?

  2. Im a little grey on this and trying to get a better understanding as i dont do this but keen to learn. I have googled this but i think this needs human intervention.

    I have a site running on http. I now need to convert it to https, so the certificate is ordered and they send the cert to the registered user (-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to -----END CERTIFICATE-----) of the domain. I have the private key.

    So who would do what on a server (dont worry about the server version and steps)? I'm trying to understand what would need to be with the cert and private key, some mention .key files and other mention pfx but i would like a better understanding at which stage these files are needed and for what reason?

  3. I have a domain server which is running fine, I will term this server as CompanyDomain (SBS Server). I have a second server which is part of the same domain and runs IIS for internal Websites. I will term this server as CompanyWebserver (WS 2012 R2).

    I create a site on CompanyWebserver in IIS and add a binding to it (binding is testsite.companywebserver.companydomain.local)

    I try to navigate to http://testsite.companywebserver.companydomain.local but it cant find the site.

    I think i need to add a DNS setting but wondered if someone could guide me where and what i need to do?

  4. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question. 


    Using Win Server 2008 R2 with all updates. I have a website with the following entries set with the registrar company where the domain was purchased from



    *                      A      

    @                    A    


    IP is the default IP of the registrar.

    IP is my server address


    When i type in mysite.com this displays my site - great no problem here.

    When i type in www.mysite.com this displays the registrar's page.

    When i ping mysite.com this shows my IP (

    When i ping www.mysite.com this shows the hosting companies IP (


    In IIS against the sites binding i have two entries





    I then set canonical with the primary address being mysite.com.


    The problem i have is when entering www.mysite.com i want it to go to my site and not the registrars site. So should i be changing the * record (currently set to to achieve this? Please note there are MX records so i dont want to make a change which may disrupt another service.




  5. I'm looking for a router which has all the wireless functionality currently available but which allows streaming movies from a USB 3.0 (which connects to the router) to external devices at a fast rate.

    At present my current Netgear DGND3700 router has a slow transfer rate so ideally need to speed this up but wirelessly.

    Also I don't mind the usual advanced features to set up a firewall, assign ip addresses, parental control, limit download speed to specific ip/addresses etc.

    My current supplier needs us to have a phone wire to be connected to the router in order for us to get service (think this is an RJ11).

    Can anyone recommend a router that handles the requirements?

  6. I see the All found + Reconstruction but i dont see any files on that volume? I have reconstructed the File system and still nothing there. There was 3 folders on the root of this drive which contained all the files within.

    On the positive side i ran PhotoRec which has recovered files but problem with that its doesnt seem to keep the directory structure so i have quiet a few files with different names and in no order. So thanks for that.

  7. Thanks Jaclaz, at present ive downloaded the tool and clicked Drive > selected the drive > NTFS search and started it. Hopefully this is on the correct track as according to the documentation (http://dmde.com/manual/datarecovery.html) i didnt find the option "open virtual directory".... so have continued in what i think should find the files? Thought to ask as im hoping after searching a 1TB drive it doesnt come back to say ive made some kind of error?

  8. Well, you are not posting enough data to even attempt to provide you with possible answers/advice.

    The only sure thing is that you shouldn't EVEN THINK of doing a quick format and then running Recuva.

    Your disk - for whatever reason(s) - is now seen as either as unpartitioned or with an unformatted partition.

    Which OS are you running?

    Which OS was running on the laptop?

    How big is the hard disk?

    How was it partitioned before?

    Which filesystem(s) was/were in the partition(s)/volume(s) on it?

    Answers to the above questions are needed, as well as you getting TESTDISK:


    and run it with the LOG option and attaching the log to your next post.


    Running Win8 Pro 64bit with all updates

    1TB HD

    I believe it was partitioned before as NTFS

    One volume on that partition

    I think i may have shot myself in the foot here. I misread your post and ran quick format :crazy: - Anything else i could try now or have i just crossed the line of no return? All im after is the iso files on that HD

  9. I have a Samsung M3 Portable HD. I was using it as a Network Storage Device.

    I connected it to a laptop and it didnt recognise it, for some reason so i went into computer management and went through a few options (sorry dont fully remember) which now has made the drive unreadable. Everytime i connect it, it tells me i need to format it. Its set as a RAW file system in computer management.

    I dont want to format it as i never made a backup of that data. So installed recuva to see if it could recover the documents. Unfortunately that too said to format as it cant read the drive.

    Is there anything else i could try or would it be feasible to do a quick format and then use Recuva to get the files?


  10. Thats correct it sends me an email for all posts except for mine.

    Im not sure about the "recreated from memory" but if you could give me a little more info i could go into my deleted emails and see if i can pull any other details? My guess is once a user has submitted a post i receive an email however if they then edit that post and save it i think i dont get the updated version of that post.

  11. I receive an email everytime someone posts which contains the text of each post. This is what i have for the first few emails before the problem occurred

    The article is true. Since there is no way to disable TPM2.0, you'll be losing the authority to decide which software your computer is allowed to execute. And since Microsoft is the one who has a saying in which software is allowed, you're basically at their mercy. The smart screen feature is already a good example, it blocked a few completely harmless (self written) programs just because they weren't on Microsoft's list. At least you can disable it - for now.

    I don't know about TPM serving as a backdoor for NSA, if they wanted to have one they'd just build one into windows without having to go through the loops of TPM. it's not like you can read the source anyway.

    Noteworthy excerpt from http://investmentwatchblog.com/leaked-german-government-warns-key-entities-not-to-use-windows-8-links-the-nsa/

    ------------ QUOTE ----------
    The other realistic scenario is that Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip manufactures don’t sit within reach of the NSA, but in China…

    ------------ QUOTE ----------
    Bad boy Warrior:
    Anyone have any thought on this article true or just complete crap?


    It used to be that the easy way to shut up suspicious people like us was to label something a conspiracy theory. Expect much of that attempted as these unTrustworthy Computing articles are published.

    These days it would be crazy to trust anything at face value, especially this "platform" hatched by industry insiders led by Microsoft. It probably started as an effort to help the Hollywood Mafia exploit PC users ( they were always their nemesis, unlike consumer electronics ) but then the Government(s) pounced and hijacked the effort perhaps over tepid protests of computer industry.

    Now it is all coming out into the open and the parties are scared.

    Any efforts infringing on the personal computer must be rejected. Make no mistake, it is a huge fight to be had. They can just wait us out and let the existing PC base die and watch them all replaced through attrition, eventually all of machines then becoming locked-down walled-gardens with Hollywood and Government hooks included.

    In fact, here is Ed MicroBott already doing his bootlicking schtick ...

    Don't let paranoia over the NSA and TPM weaken your security (http://www.zdnet.com/dont-let-paranoia-over-the-nsa-and-tpm-weaken-your-security-7000019791/) ( Edd Bott 2013-08-23 )

    He's propagandizing the fact that Trusted Platform is about hardware, therefore Microsoft is innocent. What it really is about is a common hardware interface installed on personal computers and that is the problem entirely. It is about uniformity and the last thing they care about is end-user security and privacy. They need to leave the PC alone and build a separate government spy approved computer for sale by itself rather than sneak it into everyone's homes. Let's see which ones people buy.

    'Don't worry, be happy! Trust us, trust our Trusted Platform!'

    Some more coverage of this ...

    Did the Germans Catch the NSA Spying on Windows Users? (http://www.tomsguide.com/us/nsa-spying-on-windows-users,news-17433.html) ( Tom's Hardware 2013-08-22 )

    German agency warns about Windows 8 use for federal systems (http://www.neowin.net/news/german-agency-warns-about-windows-8-use-for-federal-systems) ( NeoWin 2013-08-23 )

    The comments at NeoWin are nothing if not predictable!

  12. Thanks, when i placed this order i customised it. When i checked with the Dell sales agent he advised its only USB 2.0 (I couldnt change it as the order was in process and forgot to mention this).... so just to make sure theres nothing in the image attached that would give me concrete evidence to say which it is? As im not sure if the link above refers to models that have not been customised?

  13. I read around and a little confused if i have USB 3.0 or not. It doesnt have the blue receptacle but it does seem to have a USB 3.0 symbol (or what i think the symbol is) ..... i dont have a USB 3.0 device at present so cant test. I've attached an image of device manager and wondering if anyone can confirm?


  14. Start with the intel Z77 motherboard from ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI, all re fine these days. I would also go directly for an add-on video card as intel 4000 doesn't do much with games. I'll post some models later today, after I got my main job done for today. Any price-limit?

    Thanks for that. I think the usual price rules apply - want the best but at the lowest price possible :rolleyes: ...... In sterling i would say around £1500 max??

  15. So since you want something special concerning the video card, you should probably start with that and plan your build based on that.

    I wouldnt say that was a real requirement but as long as it supports at least two monitors thats cool for now. I was looking at ASUS motherboards but some reviews recommend against it (or only some towards Win 8) while others dont. Personally i usually find starting from motherboards gives a good base but not sure now or what MB to start with........

  16. I'm considering building a PC which should run Win7 and Win 8 and thought to do some background work on it. It'll be used for many purposes i.e. programming, TV and probably some gaming

    The list below is what i would like the PC to have:

    USB 3.0

    Quadcore 64 bit

    Main drive to be SSD but additional hard drives also required

    16 GB memory DDR3 (think thats the latest) minimum

    TV input/output

    HDMI support


    Support to attach multiple monitors (including touch)


    Bluray drive (read and write including DVDs, Cds, DVD -+R, DVD RW etc)

    Memory card reader.

    I think Sandy Bridge-HE-4 is probably the correct option for the processor, but wonder what Motherboard you guys would recommend? Should i get one that includes a graphics card or have it as a separate ( i would like HD support if possible)? Im open to any recommendations.


  17. It will be used for programming mainly with the .Net Framework. I would also need to install additional virtual machines, to test applications and every now and then i dont mind playing games.

    If you have multi-task uses, then why only 4 cores? And do these applications make use of the graphics card, as image and video editing increasingly does?

    I guess some apps would but i think HDMI connectivity (for TV viewing) would make more use of this??

    Any more questions feel free to ask.


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