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  1. Every time when i run a dos  application apart from norton commander it says acces denied.

    I have 32 bit LTSC 2019 which is basically Version 1809. 

    I know there is vdos and dosbox staged and other advanced dosbox builds. 

    I need to make ntvdm work somehow.

    Even Microsoft own word 5.5 for dos not working on this version of win 10

    Which i tested on the ntvdm of Xp, Vista, and windows 7.

    I am considering copying over the windows 7 ntvdm over to see if it fixes the issue. 

    What you guys think would it work?

    Is there a patch or a registry setting which would this access denied message go away?

    I tried the legacy console mode in properties and every compatible options from win95 xp as well.


  2. Hi Guys

    I have Windows 2000 with extended kernel installed on my acer veriton n260g thanks to blackwingcat i found a driver for the sata ich9 the only problem the Realtek Audio Driver which dont make any sound the yellow exclamation mark is next to the Microsoft UAA Bus driver as well.

    Anyone had experience with this blessed integrated realtek audio?The only thing i can think that maybe i should had installed the audio driver before the extended kernel and maybe that would made it work?

    What you guys think?

  3. I did installed 3d youtube downloader 1.19.4 beta on my server 2008 the software runs but its not downloading the videos which is very strange because the same software runs on Windows 7 sp1 perfectly Anyone have any suggestion?

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