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  1. Hi everyone, I just joined and gave a little peek at the forum, and I must say that it is well done! I also state that I do not know English well and I could also make grammatical errors, I apologize in advance.Returning to us, during the quarantine I dusted an ibm netvista 6349 with an intel pentium 4, nvidia tnt 2 and 512mb of ram sdram, I have to say that when it comes to gaming with Windows 98 SE and various unofficial updates compatible with my language it works perfectly. A question comes up spontaneously, since I have installed a wi-fi card so I can "" "navigate" "" on the internet there are more updated browsers do not say to watch a 4k video on youtube but surf normally for example on wikipedia etc. etc. or has it made a better life in the internet? I state that I am new in the field of retro-computers and I apologize if I am a noob, thanks for reading.

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