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  1. 2 minutes ago, FantasyAcquiesce said:

    Which version? I recall Torch dropped XP/Vista support a while back.

    Also, there is the one-core-api project for XP for KernelEx ;)

    Oh, I seen it allowed Vista and XP to download so I figured it supported XP/Vista. Kinda sucks all the best programs are losing supports for the best OSes.

    And what it is called? New to all of this, so I would love to see what it is. Thank you so much~!

  2. Torch browser is a chromium-based browser that supports XP. https://torchbrowser.com/ 

    Hopefully we can get a KernelEX like program for XP and Vista, it sucks to see them die. And it also hurts to see how fast it has been because XP is almost 2 decades old and Vista is a decade old. Sorry for being so nostalgic... Now that 7 is gone, it kinda sucks. I do wanna try Linux, though I wanna use older OSes for awhile now. 

    Honestly the mid-2000s seemed like the best era for computing.

  3. Hi;

    I am interested in buying either of these 2 UMPCs. I just wanna know which one is worth buying and if I should just use Vista or 7.



    Personally I like the Vaio's design more, though performance is always the winner. I am leaning towards Windows 7 as I want to run modern programs, though I like Vista's nostalgic aurora colors on it's control panel and desktop background.

    Which is the better deal? I want a small handheld UMPC running a legacy OS that can do all the modern tasks I need. Other folk's opinions could help me decide. I might upragde it too 8.1 or a Linux distro(might dual-boot instead), once Chrome drops support for 7. It just sucks because time flies... and being so young, I never treasured these beautiful legacy OSes and I wish I did.

    Thanks. :)

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