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  1. 17 hours ago, cartpusher96 said:

    I have a dell latitude from 2013 and I did not manage to find the wifi drivers when installing xp 64 but i did find ethernet and most of the others. Snappy driver I should have tried lol.

    Found this with dell Inspiron but may work to find the wifi. If you go to your computers wifi driver on dells official site, then figure out it is say "Intel Centrino 1050-n" or something. Then search intel centrino 1050-n but with softpedia at the end, then on softpedia there sometimes is an various drop-downs for all the OS the driver equivalent is made for. See if XP x64 is on the list.

    Used to have a latitude good luck!



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  2. @Koishi Komeiji


    Wow that last paragraph is so true. This is no mere conspiracy, its for real. Bothers me. If I decide to have kids gotta show them the outside worlds greatness, no social media needed.

    Wasn't in the town in its hey day but Nirvana visited it back in the 90s, was a big deal for a smaller town for sure. Place was a complete dive around a cornfield haha.

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  3. @Koishi Komeiji

    Should pack the bags and make it happen XD.
    Cool story is the small US town I moved to had a pretty legendary punk/metal scene back in the 90s and early 2000s. Maybe there was a Saga? They should have, would've been a hit not biased haha.

    About mega GUI

    The GUI’s like mega is a pretty common GUI it seems, that companies target these days. Have some vague memory of the way programmers would design back in 2012 and before, its changed a lot, more heavy. Maybe just because I used opera on the presto engine for a long time, I remember GUI being lighter.

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  4. On 12/1/2020 at 11:46 AM, feodor2 said:


    I found tor-browser-52.9.0esr-7.5-2.git is available, so i can try build it upon my centaury.  what about the names, is the "centaury" will be right?

    Not sure if your talking about the same but luckily TOR 7.5.6(the last XP version I could get to work) is open source. Still very usable, might have potential.


  5. Good topic,

    MEGA.NZ is usable with 3.7GB of ram its success depends a bit on the browser your using(even try configuring through about::conf and settings+addons)

    I found personally. It also depends on how many programs in XP for instance you have in the background. I have had some fairly decent luck using serpent X86(roytam1) to download files in the browser using MEGA.nz(usually no more than a few GB's).

    Now the piracy aspect is controversal, it is based in Auckland New Zealand so the regulations may be different which goes back to the possible reason for the point you made.

    Plus I found that now the very generous free 50GB of storage with free accounts has passed. I created my account a long time ago, and someone told me very old MEGA accounts aren't affect, will have to check.

    Personally like yandex disk, but one final question besides MEGA.nz which do you believe has the most security and privacy?

    Have a great day or night,


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  6. On 10/28/2020 at 9:06 AM, Jaguarek62 said:

    Don't want to sound rude or anything, but why you don't want to switch to 8.1? I think the're the same os, but 8.1 has start button :D

    Been using 8.0 on a touch screen laptop. I remember greenhillmaniac or jody say that the advantage of 8.0 over 8.1 is its lack of telemetry. Can't prove the claim its less resource intensive though. Been a great OS though, just got to avoid forced 8.1 KB's.


  7. Yes I just updated until october 2020 using https://www.os.ingenserverhost.de/Tools %26 Features/Windows Vista/Updates Inoffiziell/Updates Einzelnt/Vista - 2008 x64/2020/ made by freakedenough. Get the occasional flicker when hovering over the far right bottom on taskbar icons. Anyone else try these and have different then before experiences with their vista? May just be my PC, being too cluttered.


  8. Hello everyone,

    I managed to get windows 8.0 x32 iso, and while it downloads plan to get 2012 server updates later down the road. 

    Does the server 2012 updates ported to windows 8.0 only work with x64, if I remeber right server 2003 was last x32 server os?



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