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  1. 6 hours ago, bigmuscle said:

    Yeah, there are some workarounds how to achieve it, but I mean that it should be supported natively. Or better, in fact, there is really no need to have some kind of support for Aero Glass - it is satisfactory that all browsers will give up that stupid trend where they disable system native titlebar and render its own titlebar (imitating the same look as system one) on Windows 10 (what's the point to remove something and replace it with something which imitates the removed thing?). It is really mysterious why this wrong behaviour has been implemented for Windows 10 only and it works correctly on any other system. I guess that this trend comes from Win10's UWP applications that do exactly the same (replace default DWM-rendered titlebar with its own GDI rendered parody).

    Big muscle please release the final version soon of aeroglass work for 1903.


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