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  1. 22 hours ago, napalme said:

    Thank you for your nice addons! The best!
    May i give some suggestions to improve OldNewExplorer here?

    1. When in folder, it shows number of elements and nothing more. I wish to see the total size of these elements, as i had before in other win7 mod of start amd explorer.
    2. It would be cool to turn off main menu bar, and also ations bar. Instead of it i wish to have bookmarks bar.
    3. How about tabs? I tried everything, clover was the best until i switched to win10, it doesnt remember tabs after exit now, damn.
    4. Again, need explorer to remember last opened folder after exit.

    to 1. your question doesn't make any sense whatsoever

    to 2. by "ations bar and bookmarks bar" you mean the command bar and the navigation pane?

    to 3. how about qttab?

    to 4. see "to 3."

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