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  1. Does anyone have suggestions for a good laptop that meets my needs?
  2. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Perhaps I should look for a laptop that comes with or can be installed with Windows 98 SE/ME and has good enough specs for at least 2000/2001 era PC gaming. Thanks for your response!
  3. What about Windows ME or 2000? Are those any better?
  4. I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop that I intend to use as retro gaming PC. It had Windows 7 64-bit when I first got it and I recently downgraded it to Windows XP in hopes of getting older games I would like to play to work properly. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. One game I played which I had to use the internet and download it from steam didn't seem to play any different from when I played it on my main Windows 10 PC. Another game I wanted to play would freeze after about 15-20 seconds from starting it up; and another ran too fast because of the CPU speed. After being disappointed of the results, I thought of looking for buying an older machine, favorably a laptop, that had an older operating system, most preferably to me: Windows 98 Second Edition. So I looked online to find any PC that met my recommendations and shortly I came across a forum post which led me to another post and finally another. After looking at this post (linked below), that got me thinking: I can probably downgrade my laptop even further, can I? My Latitude D630 looks to be compatible, but for the best (or at least good enough) results I may need to do some tweaks. I would like to know any suggestions or recommendations when downgrading my D630 to Windows 98 SE (I'll be doing it on a USB stick considering I don't have any CDs so tips on that would be nice too). Here are the specs for the D630 (note: the specs described in this link put multiple component options for the laptop [mine is the D630, not the D630c], I'll check any of the specs on mine for any of you who want to know to provide important information, I do know the hard drive on mine is a 250 GB HDD which is not listed in the specs [likely indicating mine was upgraded] and I don't know if there are any other components that likely aren't original). http://www.dell.com/downloads/ap/products/latit/LAT_D630c_SA_0108.pdf