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  1. Can't Generate Key

    Yep got it working fine now, had to fiddle around with GlassOpacity in the registry to get the proper effect working again (it was just giving me the windows 10 colour instead of clear glass) but the message is gone now, no popups on start, and my debug.log has the key recognised in it. Thanks for the help! Sorry it was something that I should have noticed in the guide. I spent so long looking at the registry part of it I think I just glossed straight past the first bit that says not to install in program files!
  2. Can't Generate Key

    Ah, I see the problem, it's in Program Files. My mistake. I'll reinstall it and try again.
  3. Can't Generate Key

    These are the only files in the aeroglass folder.
  4. Can't Generate Key

    I haven't been getting any errors on startup other than the "cannot hook your version" message which I assume is because I'm using this on Win10. No dialog box regarding license key or anything. My debug.log is just full of this repeated over and over: [2016-08-07 21:16:28][0x910:0x1B0C] Installing DWM hook... [2016-08-07 21:16:28][0x910:0x1B0C] User: SYSTEM [2016-08-07 21:16:28][0x910:0x1B0C] Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll Once for each startup. Any ideas?
  5. Can't Generate Key

    Thanks for checking it, It seems to be partially working now - at least it's giving me an error message instead of nothing. It now says "Invalid key size.". I've tried both the PC Name (TOM-PC) as well as the Physical address of the PC in ipconfig (of the format XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX), both don't seem to work. Can you please explain what the Machine ID is supposed to be? Thanks!
  6. Can't Generate Key

    Thanks for the reply, however you seem to have missed the part in my original post where I stated I'd already tried different browsers. Getting the same issue on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and even safari on my friend's macbook. All have exactly the same problem. Are you sure the website isn't experiencing issues?
  7. Can't Generate Key

    Hi All, Just to get it out of the way yes i've read through the forums for a similar topic, yes I read the stickies, can't find any help for my specific issue. Aeroglass works fine on my windows 10 build, I donated and received the email, however when I sign in and try to generate the key the page just seems to refresh without actually adding a new key. I'm definitely adding the correct Machine ID and when I click generate the page flickers and nothing happens. It also still says "You have already generated 0 keys (3 remaining)". Tried this with all adblockers/popup blockers turned off, tried it in different browsers, tried it on a different machine. Any ideas? At this point surely it must be either an issue with my account or a problem with the glass8.eu website. Hope you can help. Thanks