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  1. Maybe I will add a word here.

    I have been fighting with installing EWF on live Windows XP system for a few days now and even with the help of this thread I could not manage. Ended up doing a diff between XPe configured to RAM REG and DISK modes.

    Long story short: here are the complete installation instructions working on any XP system I tried:

    Obtain the following and place the following files into:


    Import the following into registry:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "Group"="System Bus Extender"
    ; OVSize of Disk overlay partition size in KiB
    ; PVConfigs how many partitions protected
    ; PVDisk = ARC number protected disk
    ; PVDiskType 0=IDE, 1=SCSI
    ; PVPart ARC number of protected partition
    ; PVType Ram=31, Disk=30

    Then run the following commands:

    rundll32 ewfdll.dll, ConfigureEwf
    start %systemroot%\fba\fbalog.txt

    And finally: replace the \ntldr with ewfntldr.


    1. This protects the 1st partition on the first disk.

    2. Sets the overlay partition size to 2GB - you need to have unallocated space on the disk for that.

    3. The "start %systemroot%\fba\fbalog.txt" line is not necessary but, d***, I wish I found about this sooner.

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