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  1. 7 minutes ago, zefs said:

    Any idea why this menu still showing up after installing oldnewexplorer on CFU?  (file edit view tools) 


    Do you have View -> Always show menus enabled in Folder Options?  I personally use that option as I like having the menus but I'm pretty sure that's the setting that does it.  Explorer usually does not show those menus since it has the Ribbon instead, but with ONE it does.

  2. 1 hour ago, UCyborg said:

    I see, it seems we all have a little different experience. I figured that since I'm on Windows 10, "Launch folder windows in a separate process" is a must for me, I've been getting frequent Explorer crashes before, almost every other day. Are you saying "Launch folder windows in a separate process" gives you separate process for every explorer window? I only have one extra process, regardless of how many windows I open. I usually use tabs given by QTTabBar extension.

    One constant thing on my end is that Explorer process' memory usage rises with time. The one that hosts its windows is now at 157 MB and it's been running for more than 9 hours, even though I haven't had any window opened for a while.

    No, if I recall correctly I would have two Explorer processes.  One is the normal desktop and the other is whatever file window I open.  But they both have to be killed in order to fix that issue, so it doesn't really make any difference.

  3. On 3/4/2017 at 10:36 PM, UCyborg said:

    Do any of you have "Launch folder windows in a separate process" enabled in File Explorer Options? It's been a while since I've seen this bug and I did turn this on some time ago, maybe enabling it helps. Though it might also depend on Explorer usage pattern. Unless you have always at least one Explorer window open, this option makes the explorer.exe instance that hosts those windows restart every once in a while, so maybe it proves to be a viable workaround.

    I tried that per the suggestion of someone here, it worked for about a day or two and went right back to the same problem.

    However, the actual effect was interesting - the Explorer windows I had open prior to the customization breaking would continue to look fine, but any NEW windows I opened after that point were broken.  Task-killing the new ones didn't help, I had to kill ALL explorer processes to fix it.  So it was easier to just switch it back to non-separate processes so there's only one instance to kill and reopen.

  4. That's the exact problem I'm having and it's never been fixed with any updates of ONE.  Been happening for over a year, with RTM/1511/1607 all the same.  Really annoying!

    Plugging and unplugging removable drives seems to cause the grouping screwup for me, and I have to restart all Explorer instances to fix it.

  5. 14 hours ago, Tihiy said:

    Sorry guys. Fixed that.


    I had high hopes that 1.1.8 would fix the random crashing problem I had with 1.1.7 but it appears that is not the case. :(

    Any ideas? Changing Explorer to "launch folder windows in separate processes" didn't help.

    To help identify the problem more, it seems to happen particularly when I connect/disconnect drives.  Whether that's putting a SD card in my SD reader (which is always connected, just doesn't always have a card in it) or plugging in a USB drive.  Basically when the Windows drive letters change, Explorer goes nuts and forgets its customizations.  See my earlier post for screenshots.

  6. Ah, thanks. Never even noticed that option before.

    OK, so now when I have two folders open, I have two explorer.exe's.

    Does one of those processes show the desktop icons and taskbar/start menu? Before, when it was all just one process, when I killed Explorer they would all go away until I started it again.  I was half-expecting to have three processes, one main one and then one for each folder I have open.

    I'll see how well that works though.  Knock on wood, hopefully that will solve this issue.

  7. 19 minutes ago, NoelC said:

    Consider trying this:

    Configure your Folder Options setting that starts new Explorer windows in separate processes.  I think that will give you a freshly started instance whenever you open a window.  You might not see the loss of functionality if you make a habit of opening windows when you need them, then closing them when you're done.

    Caveat:  I always configure my systems this way - it's a good idea for several reasons - but I don't use Old New Explorer so I don't know whether this is a viable workaround.


    Where is that setting? I know there's "Open each folder in the same window" versus "Open each folder in its own window" but that has nothing to do with *processes* as far as I know.  Plus, when I'm navigating through 10 subfolders that would be incredibly obnoxious.

  8. Hey guys,

    I've noticed an issue that happens on multiple Windows 10 computers... where sometimes ONE will screw up and lose all of the custom styling.  The only way to fix it is to open task manager, end Explorer and run it again.  But that's a major nuisance because I often keep "work folders" open for various projects I'm working on.

    Here are some screenshots showing what I'm talking about.

    After ONE has derped:


    Notice the text is gone before "Hard drives" and "removable drives", it just has the numbers.

    The bigger problem is here, if I open up a folder.


    The bar at the bottom is gone that shows how many files are present, the sizes, etc...

    Now if I kill Explorer and restart it:


    Now the labels are back, and that panel is back on the bottom:


    If this happened once or twice I wouldn't mind, but it's literally at least once a day and I have to keep killing Explorer and reopening it.  It's been getting worse lately.

    What's causing this? I don't know the intricacies of how ONE works, but it works great when it works...

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