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  1. Aero Glass starts by way of a Task Scheduler entry that runs aerohost.exe.


    In order to stop Aero Glass from loading, hold down the Control key while logging-in in order to avert the installation of Aero Glass, then open the Task Scheduler and disable or delete the "Aero Glass" entry.


    Then reboot and Aero Glass should be no more.



    I click on control, but it doesn't help. Can I run the task scheduler through the command line installation disk?
  2. Good people, please help. Happened at me such problem, so I decided to install Aero Glass , the installation was not successful and began to appear some errors relating to dwm and the image then disappeared, then appeared, in the end a black screen. After rebooting after about 10 seconds same thing. For those 10 seconds I managed to uninstall this program via msconfig and set the option to boot into safe mode. Now after this reboot began hell. After loading windows a black screen appears, after about 10 seconds the cursor appears and 4 labels on the sides of the Safe mode after a second it disappears and appears again after 2. Tell me what to do, and we already tired.

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