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  1. On 2/26/2019 at 7:04 PM, loblo said:

    I satisfactorily used an Audigy 2 ZS for a little while a few years back on my ME system and I used the WDM drivers not the VxD. It stopped working properly when I increased system RAM however, this is a known issue with this card and not only for 9x systems if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately I can't remember the amount of RAM at which this starts but that's two things you can try, use WDM driver and reduce RAM amount. 

    Thanks for the ideas, if I get courageous I'll keep messing with it a bit. But, Audigy 2 ZS doesn't have proper WDM drivers for 98SE it looks like so that may only work for higher Windows versions though.

  2. 4 hours ago, MrMateczko said:

    This all seems logical, I had some problems with 3DMark 2001SE with 1GB of RAM, even if the rest of the system worked fine, that disappeared when limiting the amount to 512MB.

    I myself stand that having the amount of RAM between 512MB and 1024MB may still cause unexpected problems, like me or OP had, even if the system boots up correctly.

    I never had ANY problems with using 512MB of RAM or below.



    in the [386enh] section in the system.ini file inside the Windows directory.

    This will limit the amount of RAM to 512MB. If you still encounter issues, try


    This will limit the amount of RAM to 256MB, although I don't think that would be necessary.

    Wow, I'm so happy right now. Who knew such a simple tweak fixed all these errors. Looking back it makes sense, although from a programming background (out of memory) typically means there isn't enough. Not the other way around. Everything is working now. Thank you all so much

  3. On 2/21/2019 at 6:29 PM, MrMateczko said:

    Have you tried different PCI slots on your motherboard?

    What are the rest of the system specs? (CPU, GPU, RAM)



    16 hours ago, Goodmaneuver said:

    Have you tried right clicking the name tab in the system iosubsys folder selecting more then ticking created. Remove the most recent drivers that you think are associated with Audigy and do the same thing in windows inf and subfolders removing infs. Check _Restore (hidden attributed) temp folder for the recently replaced files and make sure installation is not installing from the windows temp folder. Check with msconfig to see what is starting up, registry may be told to start a mixer for example and perhaps a scanreg /restore may be appropriate. Take a copy of bootlog.txt and boot up with bootlogging and check/compare what is happening.

    Did you use the dos drivers for Audigy 1 then the patch for 2?



    (A very good AGP board but my AGP port died. Pushed out 75 fps on Western Railway with X850, E6700.)


    Ok, the scanreg restore somehow got me back to my original state. Windows Startup sound works fine but game audio, does not play. DXDIAG sound test reports Failure at step 10 (Secondary buffer): HRESULT = 0x8007000e (Out of Memory). Also, I have tried all available other slots and the result is the same.

  4. 3 hours ago, MrMateczko said:

    Have you tried different PCI slots on your motherboard?

    What are the rest of the system specs? (CPU, GPU, RAM)


    Hi I have not tried the other slots (I can do this tomorrow),

    CPU: Intel Pentium 5 3.00 GHz

    GPU: ATI Radeon 9800XT

    RAM: 1024MB

    I'm also having a lot of difficulty testing this further. Even though I've uninstalled all Creative software and I have removed the devices from Device Manager, every reboot they automatically install. Therefore, I'm unable to install the VxD drivers I have. What's even more interesting, I can't find the driver files it constantly is installing, they simply don't exist.

  5. On 2/12/2019 at 9:19 PM, Nomen said:

    I'm thinking of getting a NAS box.  Anyone have any first-hand experience with file-access between a NAS and Win-98?  Does it work?  No problem with any NAS?  Or maybe just some?


    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to expose a Samba share from your NAS that your Windows 98 computer could see.

  6. Hello,

    So I finally got my Audigy 2 ZS installed under Windows 98 SE by installing VxD drivers manually. I'm using a Asus p5pe-vm motherboard. All of the system sounds come through just fine, CD Audio works fine as well. However, when trying to launch most games I do not get any audio. Most games don't produce an error just silence. However, any of the Humongous Entertainment games do produce this interesting error that prevents the game from running:

    "during the dma buffer size search the sound card wouldn't prepare our sound headers"

    I honestly have no idea what to do with that and Google hasn't turned up much. I tried disabling hardware acceleration on my sound card and I've also tried enabling DMA on my CD-Drive.

    Everything is set to use the Emu10Kx Mixer [E400] which I'm assuming is the Audigy card.

    Running DXDIAG sound test I get the following report:

    DirectSound [Emu10Kx Wave Out [E400]]
    Device ID: PCI\VEN_1102DEV_0004SUBSYS_20021102RE\
    Manufacturer ID: 2
    Product ID: 104
    Type: VXD
    Default Device: Yes
    Creative Technology, Ltd.
    DirectX is set to full acceleration
    DirectSound test failed at Step 10 (Secondary buffer): HRESULT = 0x8007000e (Out of memory)

    I tried uninstalling the hardware and software for my Audigy 2 ZS and reinstall using the CD available on vogonsdrivers. BIG MISTAKE. Nothing at all worked anymore. So I removed the hardware and software and tried installing the drivers for my motherboard built-in sound. Similar to the other result I can hear the Windows startup chime (although it sounds terrible) and I can hear some sounds from some games (although terrible). Ironically Humongous Entertainment games still throw the same error. I ran DXDIAG sound test again and noticed it failed at Step 17 (out of memory).


    I'm running out of ideas unfortunately, maybe someone has come across something similar and may have some suggestions.


    Thank you for any help.



  7. Hello, I am new and can tell I'm going to like this place :). I am trying to install windows 98 SE on an older computer. I went through the installation process and when it rebooted it gave me an error that I had insufficient memory. I did some research and found out that even on SE if you have 1 GB or more of RAM it will throw this error. The microsoft article prompted me to modify a system.ini file, but I don't have one in my Windows 98 Installation directory. I tried creating the file using command line according to microsofts articles and it kept giving errors. I finally gave up and typed one in and I still get there. What's going on here?

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