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  1. I have a LAN with ip /, gateway and prim dns ( is a router, which connects to an external network)

    Also, i have a dsl router with ip

    On my pc i have static ip /, gateway and prim dns, so it connects with the external network.

    I put a second ip /

    Under command prompt i put:

    route -p add mask metric 1

    route -p add mask metric 2

    My problem is that i can ping and the 2 routers. I can connect to the external network, but i cant connect to the internet!

    Any ideas ?

    Thx in advanced

  2. Hell0,

    1st u didnt tell us what sp u have at the time beein and 2nd what sp this legal copy has.

    Suppose u have sp2 in both of them.

    U need a 3rd party utility to discover ur serial number and replace it with the new one.

    Do a google search like "XP Pro Corp key changer"

    This can only be done if the current legal copy is the same with the pirate u have,esp with sp, without bootin with cd or reinstallation of xp.

  3. As idea is very good, but in real time u will get some low read rate...

    This is goin to be only in the begging, when the program starts. After the load u want lose read-write rate.

    My opinion, if u'd like read-write speed rate, make raid 0 with the disadvantage that if one hd fail u lose everything!

    Always depends on your needings

  4. My last replay to this problem, cause is becomin annoyin.

    U dont need a second hub. U have a spare port.

    If u plan to buy something buy a router with 8 ports, instead of a new hub.

    If u buy a hub, buy a switch-hub, but u dont need it at this time, maybe for future use!

    Put static ip's, so u can limit ur internet connections

    U need to configure ur server and also ur firewall, unless if u want the viruses to do parties.

    Good Luck m8, pm if u stuck

  5. I told u the way to do it...

    Which part u didnt understand ?

    Of course, when u do this, u have to configure ur router (firewall) and especially your server.

    My opionion is to put your server in the router, but do not give internet access.

    Leave blank default getway and dns server

  6. The batch file should be somehow like this:

    @echo off


    cd docume~1

    net use q: \\name_of_pc\share_file_name /y

    xcopy *.* q:\ /s /d /y

    /s -> subdirectories

    /d -> only take new files

    /y -> without confirmation

    Time and date created...

    date /t > datetime.txt

    time /t >> datetime.txt


    type datetime.txt


    copy datetime.txt c:

    net use q: /d


    Now to run every 24hours u must edit scheduler and put the batch file in it.

    If u write exactly what u want to copy i can make you the batch file

  7. Hardware:

    Router with 4 rj45 utp cables

    Your cables must be straight thru A or B

    I think that in win2k3 u have domain controller and dchp enabled

    U can put custom ip's to each pc

    The idea is...

    Workgroup Name-->Same 2 all

    Server -->tcp/ip (or whatever u want)


    Subnet Mask--->


    Default Gateway and primary dns server--> (pc's u want to access internet)

  8. rj45 splitter can use it when the utp cable is too long.

    If i understood well, u have connected total 4 pc's to a router. Also u have internet and sharing to 4 pc's. Right?

    What else u want to do ?

  9. start-->run-->regedit



    right panel, new-->dword, name-->EnableBalloonTips, Value:0

    [Edit: This tip goes to Disable Balloon Tips.]

    Sorry, didnt read carefully :blushing:

  10. I agree with firefoxthebomb.

    If it is a program that run in dos environment u need to edit (\windows\system32\config.nt) and make files=80

    and if u want to make it run in full screen, just make a bat file under this program to call it and add

    mode con cols=85 lines=25


    Hope it helps

  11. Clean up :






    C:\Documents and Settings\Profile\Local Settings\Temp (local settings its hidden)

    C:\Documents and Settings\Profile\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files


    Unistall norton internet security, put avg antivirus and a spyware prog.

    Get 256Ram more, asap


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