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  1. There is the driver for Windows XP/Server 2003.

    Do visit VBEMP site.


    I tried it, It seem no error in device manager but my security cam software doesnt work.

    If i add discrete VGA it works.


    It need reboot after install.

    Did you do it?


    of course :)


    Lenovo E73 dekstop pc de de aynı sıkıntı var. Kaç forum gezdim çözen yok gibi.

    Kardeş çözebildin mi sıkıntıyı?


    I have the same problem, with a Lenovo E73 dekstop PC. I've searched through lots of forums, to no avail.

    Can you help a brother in distress?

    1. No. There is no solution. The DEV_041E is not supported, period. Sorry!

    2. Do post in English!

    no i didn't solve it

  2. If one of my friend has a free SATA drive I will install XP on it and test drivers on HD 4600

    I have a HD 4600 and XP, and ended buying a Quadro. I found a driver said to be working, it was the GT2 with the same hardware ID, installed fine, but in the end anything that used the GPU used the GPU at all. Video was choppy. Hell! even my current quadro drivers don't work nice on emulators lol (when they rarely work on XP I must add)

    Being an XP user these days is like feeling you committed a crime.

    yes, unfortunately it is like crime. Intel, MS all closed the doors

  3. No. It's more complicated than that: IMO igxp32.inf in all 544x versions of the intel driver is botched.

    Problem is that it was botched when support to the Haswell was added, so that there is no good driver for the Haswell at all.

    Now, the reason nobody came out with a driver after your requests here and elsewhere is that most people who have Haswells don't care for XP (which MS and intel are doing their best to kill, to no avail), and most people who care for XP and have the necessary know-how to correct that .INF don't have a Haswell to test any mods, so they cannot do it properly and, hence, direct their skills to tasks they can accomplish properly and can benefit from (of course). So, you see, it's kind of a Catch-22 situation.

    That said -- provided you undertake to test whatever modded files are give you, bearing in mind they can leave you with a non-functional video and, in the worst case, cause a reinstall, *and* agree to do it without putting *any* pressure on people who'll be doing it in spare time they really don't have, just for the sake of the challenge -- there may be people willing to try modding the .INF, although, even so, there may not be anyone available right away...

    In any case, please do tell us what are you using as a graphics driver at the moment? The standard supervga? The default VGA? A scrennshot of the device manager window with the display drivers expanded and the window given by the properties option on the right-click menu of the active display driver, with be driver tab selected, would be much welcome as well (see attached example).


    Please see mine in attached image.

    It is XP sp3

    My device id is;

    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_041E&SUBSYS_85341043&REV_06\3&115 83659&0&10

    my system is desktop pc. mainboard chipset is H81, cpu is i3-4130, i use xp service pack3.

  4. I have already tried offical version

    It is haswell 1st generation XP RTM driver.

    The 5445 is 2nd.

    The 5449 is 3rd.

    There is the unofficial Graphics Drivers (aka, which support XP, and Haswell and IvyBridge, floating around the net.

    The 5441 driver seems to be the last one that supports XP.

    None of the later drivers have even a leaked or unofficial version for XP, AFAIK.

    Am I wrong?

    I think you are wrong.

    And 5441 is previous official driver, but the link closed now.(Cause of it is old)

    Plz see #5 link lastest comment.

    You can download XP lastest driver (7th Mar 2014) from link.

    5445 and 5449 do not install correctly for my i7 3777k (on XP SP3)

    But by substituting igcodeckrng700.bin and igvpkrng700.bin by the files of the same name from 5441, it then installs OK.

    I guess substituting igcodeckrng700.bin and igvpkrng700.bin, as well as igcodeckrng750.bin and igvpkrng750.bin, by the files of the same name from 5441 should fix all the problems reported. Please test this and let me know how did that work for you all.

    hi, do you mean take igcodeckrng700.bin and igvpkrng700.bin from 5441 and put in 5449 folder?

    It didn't work for me for HD4400. device ID DEV_041e

  5. @erkange, read here

    OK.. I have solved all the problems!Here's what I did.I uninstalled the two drivers.Rebooted ... windows started trying to install the drivers and installed the Intel HD Graphics 4000 with an exclamation point.not installed the High Definition Audio.manually installed the audio with the link you sent me selecting the file IntcDAud in folder ibxHDMI and installed Audio Monitor Intel.After that manually installed the drivers i told to you, by selecting the file igxp32 in the folder Graphics ... rebooted and ... all OK!!!Thank yousorry bad english.I hope you solve too.

    Already did :(

  6. Why not spend the reward money on getting a discrete, passively cooled PCI-E video adapter that works under XP, such as the nVidia GT 610 or the nVidia GT 630? This gets more value for you because the videocard later be re-used in another build. That is unless you know that the Intel offers more features for your legacy software and can be sure that the drivers, which do not install, have them enabled.

    I have 20pcs machine like this :)

    I can not find 3rd generation pc in short term. If i have 2 more months i can buy 3rd generation

  7. The newest drivers, i.e., those that cater for Haswells, seem to have some problem installing (link).

    It may be just something wrong in the .INF, but I cannot be sure.

    For the IvyBridge, they end up installing by using a modified version of the .INF taken from previous drivers (which, however, don't support the Haswell).

    Hi, thanks for reply. I have read that post too like hundreds post on internet. No hope yet.

    I believe i need modded inf file, but i don't know how to do it. This is why i offered reward in first post. But seems it is against forum rules.

  8. It is important to clarify if this is a notebook with multiple video adapters, or if it is a desktop. The reason for this is because the Intel onboard video used in notebooks has the same HwIDs as the desktop one. This means you CAN install the desktop version on a mobile and it will work BUT the switchable/hybrid graphics WON'T work.

    It is desktop and there is no discrete VGA.

  9. What machine is that (brand and model). Does it have proper chipset drivers installed? Does it have switchable graphics?

    Please don't post direct links to exe files and don't offer money, it makes it look like a rogue post.

    I have desktop with H81 chipse and i3-4130 CPU. My os is XP SP3.

    Sorry for exe file. Since i tried almost for full day i was really tired.

  10. Hello,

    I need windos xp driver of Intel® HD Graphics 4400.

    I tried drivers from intel but setup didn't work and manual install didn't work also.

    Device ID :


    I tried below driver with manual install.


    Now XP see vga as Intel® HD Graphics 4400.but there is mark on it and havin code 10 error.

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