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  1. OK, I guess this isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Roxio is kinda strange. I ran the setup.exe /a and it says it copied all of the files, but when I run the setup from the directory where I copied the files to, it gives me an error like DSetup missing, and after the install, it says Certificate Missing or Corrupted please reinstall. Help me out guys and gals, what should I do next???
  2. Hey all, I've been reading up on the unattended/silent install stuff, and I've learned a lot. Thanks to all of MSFN for that!!! Anyway, regarding ROXIO, check out the following links... http://boards.support.roxio.com/roxio/boar...eam+emc7#M89255 [apparently, if you want to slipstream the update for 7.1, you have to place it in the update folder of the setup cd for Roxio 5.3. I'm assuming this would be the same in EMC 7.] http://boards.support.roxio.com/roxio/boar...ream+emc7#M1339 [this board will talk more about the switches and command lines used to run a silent install of ECDC6, which should still apply to EMC7 since it is using the same installer packaging.] http://boards.support.roxio.com/roxio/boar...e.id=5500#M5500 [i found this interesting because it shows a -z option that stands for ZERO user input. I would assume this means that nothing will be displayed during the install, or afterwards.] I haven't had time to test any of these solutions, which is to say I'm probably wrong. I will attempt to set these up to test this evening. The only thing I'm unsure of is if this will install all of the contents CD if it is on the same disc with the setup files. I'm going to dig deeper tonight or tomorrow and I'll let you know if I find anything.
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