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  1. I want to try Windows 98SE or ME on an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m (similar to a T43), however this seems to be the only thing that is not working (I used a modded ATI Catalyst driver that worked on the T43 on my Z60m with no issues, most other drivers work)

    I've seen the SciTech SNAP Audio drivers but have not tried them yet (they claim to support HD Audio on older operating systems), any experiences with that?

  2. This is an excellent project so far, I've run it on an old IBM ThinkPad (Pentium II 400) on 95 OSR2, seems to run better than my modded Opera 10.63 ;)

    Wonder if once Firefox drops XP/Vista support we might see a project similar to TenFourFox (for PPC Macs) to continue support on Windows 2000/XP/Vista as well? Sadly even Firefox 3.6 under KernelEx is starting to become rather useless IME, but it's always nice to see old OSes alive and well

  3. IBM ThinkPad T43

    - Pentium M from 1.60 to 2.40 (?) GHz

    - Intel 915PM chipset (must be 915PM which is separate graphics, not 915GM which is integrated)

    - 14.1" or 15.0" screen (available in 1024x768, 1400x1050, or 1600x1200 on 15" models)

    - ATI Mobility Radeon X300 (note, Intel GPU models will not work with Windows 98/Me due to lack of drivers, but Display Doctor or VBEMP will work without acceleration however)

    - ADI SoundMax audio

    - Up to 2GB RAM (but 9x only supports up to ~1GB without Rloew's patch)

    - Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet

    Most of these have a driver available for 98SE and Me despite IBM not officially supporting it (I did try 98SE on my T43 a while back, ran OK but had the bug where it would get stuck at "Please wait while Windows shuts down") - the 2200BG or Atheros that it comes with though has no driver

  4. Unfortunately, the lack of modern browser functionality (even my old standbys Firefox 3.6 and Opera 10.63 were starting to lose support on modern websites) was what led me to discontinue 98SE on my Internet-connected vintage laptops and move to 2000, which can run stuff like QupZilla 1.8x, Opera 12.18, Firefox 31 ESR, and other more modern browsers using BlackWingCat's KernelEX


    I tried to get Opera 12.1x and QupZilla working on 98SE a couple years back to no avail (the latter kept crashing on startup, and the former was missing some DLLs and would not function at all)

  5. Did you install both DCOM95 and WinSock 2.0 for Windows 95? Forgot to mention that on my page about Opera 10.63 on Windows 95, will update it ASAP ;)


    (for the record, I have tested it on both an actual IBM 390E laptop as well as in VMware Workstation, in the latter case I also had IE 5.5 SP2 installed and using the Active Desktop/Shell Update)


    Edit: also forgot to mention, which version of 95 are you running? I only tested on OSR2, have not tested on RTM or OSR1

  6. The older versions of the Basilisk emulator will run just fine (the ones without the JIT compiler, such as build 142); I have used them in the past on 9x-series Windows without many problems (you will need a pre-8.1 Mac OS disk image and a Mac ROM, which I will not link to as it would be against policy)


    HTH ;)

  7. Update: after messing up with the initial 95 install, wiped the drive and reinstalled 95C then the drivers... went ahead and installed XUSBSUPP and it detected my USB card just fine; rebooted, plugged in my flash drive and it recognized/mounted it perfectly :D Copied some files off it and back on, no issues to report so far (will also try my USB Zip drive and some other USB devices I have later)

  8. I'm thinking about rebuilding my ThinkPad 770E with Windows 95 OSR2 and giving it a try on a vintage laptop (would this driver work with PCMCIA USB 1.1 cards? I have one that is looking for a home)... it is currently running 98SE/DOS 7.1 and would really love to bring it back to its factory OS version ;)


    Still, it's nice to see USB flash/hard drives working natively under Windows 95 OSR2 without any sort of drivers (Nathan Lineback/ToastyTech would really enjoy this I'd bet :D)

  9. Here's the method I typically use for 98SE on a physical machine (ex. my ThinkPad 600X)


    1) Start the Windows 98 CD install (recommended to copy the files from the CD to ex. C:\WIN98)

    2) Let the setup run through, entering information/customizing as needed

    3) Install drivers after first boot to desktop, reboot as needed

    4) Install Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (even if you don't plan on browsing with it), DirectX 9.0C (December 2006 redistributable) and (optional) Windows Media Player 9

    5) Install Problemchyld's Windows 98 Unofficial Service Pack 3.xx linked above (remember, install the main updates FIRST, separately)

    6) Install KernelEx (allows you to run select Windows 2000/XP programs on 98/Me)

    7) (optional) Install MDGX's 98SE2Me, which updates certain system files to a Windows Me version (ran it on a VM as well as my TP600X, no problems)

    8) (optional) Install Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 9, which gives you a skinning system, 32 bit alpha icons and some system tweaks (like an improved task manager)


    As for a web browser, I personally use Opera 10.63 and/or 11.64 as well as Firefox 3.6.28 (10 ESR didn't run very well for me, but that might be because of my 600X's CPU speed... Opera 11.64 runs fine however), I use a Linksys WPC54G wireless card and OpenOffice 2.4 as well, it actually is still quite usable in 2014 :D (does need a new battery however, but that's a different story)


    Also, ACPI is a bit buggy even on 98SE, at least IME (my ThinkPad T23 had issues with the display on 98SE under ACPI, but it worked fine on APM)

  10. I had Windows 2000 running on I believe a Pentium 166 (non-MMX) several years ago just for a test (64MB RAM, I think, and a 3.2GB hard drive), with Firefox 2.x, also ran Win2K (slimmed down with nLite) on my IBM ThinkPad 570 for a while with 192MB RAM and a 6GB hard drive, actually ran pretty well with Opera 11.64 and Firefox 10 ESR (although recently I went back to 95 on that machine)

    I did own a 486DX/2 66 for a while, and I worked on a little project called Tiny2000 at the time (to see how small I could get Windows 2000... the target was 32MB RAM and a 1GB hard drive); unfortunately, I lost interest and I no longer own any machines pre-Pentium II... (does Windows 2000 require a 486DX? Not sure if an SX would work because it lacks an FPU... I do know however that 2000 won't work on a 386 due to 486+ instructions)

  11. Right now I'm using Opera 11.64 and Firefox 3.6.28 on my ThinkPad 600X (with 576MB of RAM and Windows 98SE)... I wanted to try something slightly more modern however; I tried QupZilla a while ago (1.6.2 I believe?) and it kept crashing on startup, also curious as to whether anyone has gotten Opera 12.16 working on 98SE or Me (both seem to work fine out of the box on Windows 2000 with BWC KernelEx and UURollup) :)

  12. Has there been any luck getting the latest Opera Classic (12.16) or Qupzilla running on 98SE/Me with KernelEx? I tried the latter on 98SE a while ago, kept crashing on startup :/ (right now on my ThinkPad 600X I use Firefox 3.6.28 and Opera 11.64 on 98SE with 576MB RAM)... I know both can work on Windows 2000 with little or no modification (other than the use of BlackWingCat's KernelEx and UURollup... even got some stuff to install just by temporarily changing the reported Windows version)

  13. I collect vintage laptops myself (mainly Dell Inspirons and IBM ThinkPads), and I find 98 and even 2000 run better on anything pre-2002 or so (I use Windows 2000 on my ThinkPad T23 with 1GB RAM and Windows 98 on my 600X which has the maximum 576MB RAM)... despite the age of the hardware, I can still do web browsing, DVD watching, etc. (with UURollup on Win2K you can even run Opera 12.16 and Office 2007 among others... I stick with Opera 10.63 on my 600X however, 11.6x was a bit slow)

    Also, recently on my W2K machine I had a malware attack fail (because it required IE 7) and so far I've gotten along fine with no AV or antimalware on my 98 machine (I use ClamWin on my 2000 machine still)... if it weren't for the modern Web, I'd probably still be running 98SE and/or 2000 as my main OSes :) (my main machine does have Windows 7 x64 on it, but I made the theme look a lot like 98 or 2000... used 95 until 2001, then 98SE until 2006, then 2000 for a few months before buying a new XP machine only months before Vista's release)

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