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  1. On 9/25/2016 at 8:20 AM, NoelC said:

    Managed a screen-grab.  Note the rectangle of "see through" pixels near the top of Internet Explorer.  That was flickering on and off when I moved the mouse over the IE window.



    I'm seeing the same thing.  It appears that when one window only partially overlaps another window this occurs.  The same window fully inside or fully outside any other window seems to be fine.  The affected pixels do not seem to line up with any features of the underlying window when the problem occurs.  I see this more often from a screen grab rather than on the desktop itself.  The screen grab below shows it as an opaque black line with a 90° bend in it.


  2. 43 minutes ago, genecooper said:

    I'm sorry if I don't just snap up all the advice in a second, but sometimes what's being referred to by those trying to help is not always as obvious to the one needing help.  Thank you again.

    Hi genecooper.  Good for you for hanging in there instead of feeling unwelcome around here and leaving without resolving your issues.  I'm glad you're up and running and that you're happy with the results.

    I have stayed away from any sort of forums now for many years, until now, but I clearly remember those times and also waking up one day, realizing I was one of those posters who gave little regard to 'newbies' who wanted answers to questions that I had worked long and hard for.  I had been posting 'helpful' replies similar to some of the replies you've received here, which really weren't very helpful at all.  Too often, assistance comes in the form of quips and short cryptic replies.  Many are misspelled, missing words, or contain grossly bad grammar.  Some of the worst come from people who post answers based on erroneous assumptions and incorrect versions and circumstances because they did not bother to read all of a questioner's previous posts on the subject.  Some are just plain wrong.

    I would like to suggest (humbly, if that's possible) that it is good and proper to 're-answer' previously answered questions or to directly quote a previous answer from within one's reply.  Every question deserves a good answer right then and there, even if it's been asked a few times before.  In this case, with so many ever changing versions of Windows, Aeroglass, installers, themes, etc., the same question asked now may require a different answer than previously.  Also, 'clever' one sentence replies probably deserve a couple more sentences to clarify one or two points within the first.

    So, genecooper, I wish that I had been knowledgeable enough about your particular problem(s) to have been able to help you out.

    I love Aeroglass and want everyone to have the same experience that I have enjoyed from using it since the middle of 2013.

    And since I'm on a roll...

    Big Muscle, you da man! :)


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  3. 1 hour ago, MrGRiM said:

    Work PC's shouldn't be a factor here, no work or office PC user should be concerned on how pretty their desktop looks or be using any 3rd party customization software, I am sure your employers wouldn't be too pleased to see that.

    I am my own employer and I have to sit at these machines 12-14 hours a day, typically 7 days a week.  I am indeed concerned how my desktops look because they have a strong influence on my mood and outlook even after I retire for the day or perform other activities.  If I had employees, I would be sensitive to their own desires for the very same reason and consider offering them Aeroglass as well.  I have been cautious in my use of Aeroglass, always making sure it's been safe to use in a working environment.

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  4. 3 hours ago, CKyHC said:

    Hey, don't drop x86 support, please. In all comps on my work is 32-bit versions of Windows. And on one comp is already Windows 10 1607 x86. Because of compatibility of many programs and drivers for old hardware i can't use x64 on my work computers, but i still want to have AeroGlass.

    I agree.  I have 3 PCs here in my office, one of which is a legacy x86.  For reasons I won't detail here that one 32 bit machine needs to remain that way.  Yet it is just as valuable to me as the other two 64 bit machines, and I use it on a nearly daily basis.  I would hate to eventually lose Aeroglass on that one all-important machine!

  5. 1 hour ago, Shining Escuridao said:

    As far as I know, what the installer does is technically the same thing schedule.bat does, create a task to hook the dwm and aerohost processes albeit rather simplistically in the case of the bat file (installer also allowing the option of protecting the task and adding modernframe.dll)...

    Good to know.  I'm sure BM just compiled the installer without a certain setting and will update it as soon as he sees this thread.  As far as Windows 10, I had forced the Anniversary update to NOT run about 3 weeks ago, but the latest security update last Tuesday apparently defeated the block I installed because just as soon as I installed Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.4.6 earlier today a new PopUp appeared to tell me 1607 (Anniversary Update) was going to be installed in the next few days whether I liked it or not.  I've reblocked it again...sigh :(

  6. 15 minutes ago, Shining Escuridao said:

    I had this same problem, what worked for me was downloading the files (http://glass8.eu/files/win81_x64_1.4.6.7z) and replacing them rather than using the installer.

    That works if you already have Aeroglass installed.  This is a new install because I completely lost glass on this pc months ago when Microsoft automatically updated me from 8.1 to 10 without my permission, wiping out my installation and forever preventing me from returning to 8.1, but that's another story.

    I downloaded the files as you did and installed them in a new folder and ran the old aeroglass schedule.bat to get it going, which worked to some extent.  At least aerohost is running.  Transparency is all wrong at the moment.

  7. I'm running build 10586.589 64 bit and when I try to run the installer, "setup-w8_1-1_4_6.exe", I get the Error: This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running.

    I have tried running several combinations of compatibility modes, running as Administrator, etc. and always get that error.

    According to the download page that installer should be for my setup.

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