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  1. On 6/2/2016 at 10:50 AM, Tihiy said:

    That was known, that does not explain why SpS causes this and how it is going to be fixed.

    Hello ! button of start is not showing for 2-3 sec.. when play games and show taskbar. add option to show full start screen instead desktop. startscreenisback and charms for w10 is lost? is a good project

  2. Are you going to release a version of StartIsBack which brings back the "old" DirectUI startmenu of Windows 10? 

    (It's still in use in server versions of Windows 10, so the code might exist on Pro/Home too! :))

    will be cool. directui is much better than start meniu of windows 10 rtm

  3. Seems to work pretty good on build 10158, there is also an option in this builds for using full screen start without having to use tablet mode like on some of the older builds I tried, I tried the Ctrl+Win key for start screen and it works fine and pressing the Win key returns it to the SiB desktop start menu, if you try setting the Win key to open start screen it also opens the start screen on Ctrl+Win even if it's set for start menu, it also opens the start screen when you click on the start button, I also notice there is no shortcut displayed in the start menu for the start screen when the setting is applied.


    All the other settings seem to work fine, I like the option to have large taskbar icons, looks much nicer to me, start menu and taskbar coloring works fine as well and it's nice to be able to adjust the transparency.

    I agree with you.

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  4. StartScreenIsBack won't come until RTM if at all. There're chances they'll cut the hanging guts out.

    ok! Startscreenisback hope will be the same as in Windows 8.1 update.I am referring to personalization ...etc. 

    for the charms bar nothing?

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  5. "Problem" startisback+ 1.5.2.

    -Taskbar has trouble loading in the start menu:loading about the range of 8-10 seconds

    -Closing pc appears as a kind of lag until close startisback

  6. Version +1.5.1

    It's possible again to use both start button and bottom-left corner (if you select non-default start orb).

    Start menu no longer should be slowed down by Windows icon cache

    Fixed: UAC dialog may be invisible with specific UAC settings

    Fixed: Start button may be absent with specific RDP / monitor login
    That Windows icon cache issue is a tricky undocumented beast since it caused implicit unexpected I/O on UI thread; that should be resolved.
    Icons to programs located on powered off / network / slow drives should no longer delay start menu opening.
    If you find icons flashing more than they should, please tell me so.

    why just non-default... ? why not default start orb this is dissatisfaction. would be great to do in the next version.

    This version is very stable,i have no errors :)

    By the way:Included translations - put the Romanian language.startisback+ is full translated into Romanian language

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