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  1. I had the restart loop on Win 10 x64 with a previous version, but no longer happening with SB 1.7.5


    I can't access SB properties in Win 10 though, nothing happens when I right click on the start button.


    On Win 8.1 it's working fine.


    Only think I noticed with both installs is that the installation left me with a black screen apart from the start button and an empty taskbar. I had to reboot to get the desktop back. Never had this before with previous updates. All fine after a reboot though!

  2. AMD drivers later than 13.4 have had mouse pointer flicker and lag issues with some applications. I was hit badly with Catalyst 13.9 and Quicken and I've seen someone complaining of visual problems with the Eset AV console using 13.9 too. Reverting to Catalyst 13.4 fixed it for me, although AMD suggest its been fixed in the latest beta drivers post 13.11 beta 3.

    There's also an MS patch for mouse lag and flicker on certain games with Win 8.1, due to be circulated on tomorrows updates I believe - KB2908279

  3. Hmm,

    Been having a play, and I can copy and paste into forum reply boxes in every other forum I'm subscribed to. The problem only seems to be with this one.

    Also, if I click Quote to reply to a post, I still just get an empty reply box. Shouldn't it populate with the quoted text from the post I want to reply to?

  4. Not sure if it is the answer to your problem, but I found that disabling Enhanced Protected Mode from advanced settings fixed a number of issues I had with IE11, including inability to drag and re-arrange favourites and preventing me downloading statements in online banking.

    Edit: Just tried, and it doesn't help with copy and paste :(

  5. Think I might have found a bug, but don't know if it's been mentioned already. If I do a search for programs and files through StartIsBack, and right-click on any programs listed in the result, the context menu contains duplicate entries for certain actions. This happens on SIB 2.1 on Win 8 x64 and SIB+ RC5 running on Win 8.1 x64 in a Hyper-V VM as shown in the attached image.

    It only seems to happen in the context menu for programs. Right-clicking on any other search entries brings up a normal context menu. No big deal, but I thought I'd mention it.


  6. I tried out 1.3 today but found that when I enabled "Rename Start Screen to Apps..." that new mail notifications for Outlook 2013 ("toast" that pops up on the upper-right portion of the screen), along with the accompanying notification sound, stopped happening. Rebooting doesn't help. Disabling the Start Screen feature allowed Outlook's notifications to work again.

    May be a bit off topic, if so I apologise, but if a SIB setting does affect those awful "ModernUI" notifications, it would be handy to have a setting that would disable them and revert software to using the traditional tooltip balloons.

    As an example, I have the same version of Malwarebytes running on win 7 and Win 8. On Win 7, it uses the traditional balloons for user notifications, but on Win 8 it uses the Modern UI with no way to revert. I find that I don't always see the new style notifications because they appear at the top of the screen which is not in ready view of oldies like me who have to use progressive lenses for computer work. I don't notice stuff at the top of the screen unless I make a conscious effort to look up there!

  7. I had a similar problem with an initial install of ATI graphics drivers on a Win 7 64-bit system. I can't remember the exact steps I took to fix it, but I recall having to completely remove every trace of the driver and re-install it from scratch, which solved the issue.

    These may or may not help, in case you haven't seen them already.



  8. Middle mouse button not working for me either. Other than that, great program :)

    To those having trouble with middle-mouse button not working to open the Start/Apps:

    Do you:

    1. Have Apps checkmarked so the Start Screen shows Apps only? Just curious since I do and it works for me, and for some others?

    2. Does it only not work the first time you middle-click on the Start Button? Have you tried multiple times?

    3. Do you have SiB installed for your user only or for all users?

    Sorry, it's working for me now, but in answer to your questions:

    1. No

    2. See below

    3. Installed for all users

    I have a MS wheelmouse. It just occurred to me to check the mouse settings, and the click wheel defaults to "flip" for a click. I've set it to "middle click" for all users and it now opens the Start screen every time :blushing:

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